June 26, 2024

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The people next to you are always hurting more than you are

The people next to you are always hurting more than you are

the Emilios Chilakis He spoke, among other things, about the health problem he faced years ago, during his appearance on the “Mega Good Morning” program.

In particular, he commented on how often a patient's family has a harder time in such situations than even the patient himself.

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The actor described:My health adventure happened twelve years ago. He almost didn't belong to Emilio anymore as much as he did now, but rather many years ago. My health adventure showed me that you can become friends with the doctor who performs surgery on you. The people next to you are always hurting more than you are. I entered the surgery smiling, and others were crying outside. As I lay naked on the serum table and prepared for anesthesia, I said to the doctor, “Don't worry, no matter what, I've had a very good life.” Then he replied, “Are you kidding me?” Have you brought all the responsibility to me?
Then he confirmed: “At that moment, I took stock of my life, and I am 42 years old, and since then I have been through a very major illness crisis, to look at what I have done. And I said that at least I am okay.”

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