April 18, 2024

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Suspicious insistence of Joe Biden on Russian invasion of Ukraine (+ Photos)

By Louis Manuel Ars Isaac

Chief Correspondent of Prinza Latina in Mexico

The thing to worry about is that the campaign is growing with a military moment and it can’t be that bad. From its two naval and air bases off the Syrian coast, Russian forces have recently conducted massive military exercises in the Mediterranean at the Memorial and successfully tested new defensive weapons in response to NATO threats.

In Washington, President Biden called a meeting of his National Security Council to intensify his campaign against Moscow’s suspicious attack on Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on all Western news outlets about the “ghost war” against information terrorism in Ukraine.

Leaders of the separatist Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine are conducting a general mobilization to reshuffle the overall military operation and economy of their troops following evidence of an immediate threat of aggression by Ukrainian forces. Volodymyr Zhelensky will order, which has already massively deported its citizens to Russia.

Under the circumstances, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Gren warned that gunpowder in the region smelled too strong and that Europe was being pushed into war, which is why Russia and Belarus decided to extend the joint exercise. Conflict in Donbass.

Reasonable doubts

The invasion of Ukraine, predicted by the head of the White House, did not happen on February 16, as he had suggested, according to reports from his intelligence commission, and he is now postponing it for the next few weeks or days. Without date or time, fixed as before.

With this, he questions the credibility of his spy machine and identifies his NATO partners with the strategy he is pursuing or the development of a war.

Lying like this is nothing new in the White House. The attempt to capture the Caribbean island from Spanish hands took place many years ago with the self-explosion of the steamship Maine in Cuba.

But recently Lyndon P. with the famous events of the Gulf of Tonk in Vietnam. Johnson invented it in 1965 to occupy it.

Or in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction were used to justify the invasion of Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, destroying Iraq and all its cultural and architectural heritage, and occupying the country and stealing its oil.

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Incidentally, after the Center for Public Integrity, President George W. Bush. The Bush administration documented a total of 935 false statements between 2001 and 2003 alleging that Iraq posed a threat to the United States. I do not know if anyone is accounting for Biden’s comments on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The essence of the problem

The intricacies of the matter come to the fore at any moment and Z is aware of Biden’s internal political errors and the difficulties of getting out of the hole he has reached by his own will, and not only being pushed by his failures. Pressure from the government or his Trump opponents.

This is due to their unhappy response to the institution’s demands to lead the changes that have perpetuated the unilateralism that has Americanized the world and the fear of a setback in the hegemony that has emerged from the Marshall Plan. Not materially or spiritually ready.

Here is the deeper reason for what is happening in Ukraine, which was taken over by the United States in the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union in an attempt to woo Russia over demands for NATO commitments. , The alliance between China and Russia should not be extended eastward, openly violated and weakened.

Developed similar to Yalta


The internal contradictions behind such ideas in the European Union and NATO may have delayed a kind of western plot in Ukraine, while Washington is increasing pressure on the Kremlin to create conditions. Despite three denials that President Gelensky’s government in Kiev will attack Russia, they are playing their game in the hope that the United States will help them achieve its goal of controlling the Donbass region and joining the Atlantic Alliance.

The unit declared without proof

It is doubtful whether Biden reached a consensus on all of this, or in a video call on Friday, February 18 between German Chancellor Schultz, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French leaders, Emmanuel Macron, Italy, Mario Draghi and the President. Government of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, representatives of the European Commission and its Council.

It is noteworthy that only his foreign secretary, Anthony Blinken, and NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg dared to respond to Biden’s announcement that Russia would invade Ukraine at a deliberate press conference after the video call. The existence of a crisis in the eastern part of the military alliance and its claims to leadership in Europe were explained.

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Former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow (1987-1991) Jake F. Madlock has a very detailed article recently written.

It warns that we are seeing a comprehensive mockery enlarged en masse by the leading American media in order to serve the domestic political end.

Suspicious-Joe-Biden-Russian-occupation-option on Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin’s demand for an end to NATO’s expansion to the east and the creation of a security framework to guarantee Russia’s security in Europe be justified, the former diplomat said.

Madeleine makes the waters very clear: Putin has never threatened to retake the Baltic states or claim any territory. This crisis would not have occurred if NATO had not expanded eastward since the end of the Cold War or expanded in line with the construction of a defense structure in Europe, including Russia.

In this context, the recent statements of Willie Wimmer, the former Foreign Secretary of the German Ministry of Defense (1985-92), who warned that NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe posed a legitimate threat to Russia, are significant. Because it was contrary to the promises made by the Coalition.

We are on the wrong track, he warned, commenting on the recent publication of Der Spiegel magazine, a classified document confirming that NATO failed to deliver on its promise in 1991 not to expand eastward to Moscow.

He recalled that in 1989 he presented his position on the involvement of Panditwear forces in NATO and their presence in Europe to the then German Chancellor Hermann Cole.

Biden’s plan did not stop there

From this unforgivable reality, some forerunners clearly understand, as the United States hid the answer to why Washington began to withdraw from arms control agreements that provoked irrational and dangerous arms competition. ., The basis for an end to the Cold War, such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Agreement (ABM Treaty)?

It is understandable that Gelensky’s opposition to Minsk’s agreeing to sit down for negotiations and Putin’s insistence on ending the internal conflict is understandable, and the city’s name does not even appear in the Belarusian White House and Pentagon negotiating notebooks. , As an alternative to immediate mitigation of conflict.

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Despite all the skepticism from Madlock and many other analysts, Biden’s plan was not stopped or stopped.

The expulsion of citizens from eastern Ukraine to Russia is a direct result of media terrorism in which Biden reveals himself to be a major coward, and it is not the Kremlin’s obstinacy that the US president blames him for.

This is a definite consequence of the seriousness and high fear created by his statements and the threat of “severe reactions” if Moscow invades, now Vice President Kamala Harris has repeatedly said like a parrot that she threatened a “quick, severe and severe response”.

These statements are being re-created in a pre-war environment to try to give them credibility, as they did in Iraq. Apart from this, and to expose Zelensky’s game, the Ukrainian military is bombing the region and even Russian territory under the pretext of invasion Americanism.

At the same time, like Hollywood movies, at their height, the telephone conversation between Pentagon President Lloyd Austin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is falsely constructed as a frustrated diplomatic attempt by the White House to prevent war.

Differences between Biden and Goebbels

There is an important difference between Biden’s lies and Goebbels’ expansion for Hitler in 1939, when Germany relied on its strength to produce a coup d’tat that would allow Poland to seize Westerplot and its occupiers. He considered the calculations of victory to be very real, and in the present case of America no general, no matter how many stars he has on his shoulder, would think the same.

NATO and its allies point to an 80-20 military superiority over Russia. More severe than the bankruptcy of 1929 or the real estate collapse of 2008 that turned the world upside down.

In addition to both, passed without epidemics and without a crisis of spirit, a community is dangerously divided and alienated from its principal, which allows a conspiracy leader who caused death and damage to remain independent and even if he breaks the institutional order. , Aspires to return to the White House as President-elect. Something is very wrong in that country.

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