June 19, 2024

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Switch 2 reportedly replaces snap-on Joy-Con with magnetic one – Nintendo

Switch 2 reportedly replaces snap-on Joy-Con with magnetic one – Nintendo

This design choice could have ramifications for Joy-Con compatibility.

The distinct “click” feature is triggered when the Joy-Con pops up It can be replaced with a magnetic mechanism on switch 2According to a report by the Spanish news site Fandal.

If this development is confirmed, it could make it difficult for the Switch 2 to be compatible with current Joy-Con models. However, there may be some additional magnetic components that would allow the older Joy-Cons to connect to the next console's new magnetic contact points. The Switch Pro controllers, which are not physically related to the Switch, will supposedly be fully compatible with the Switch 2, according to the same report.

Vandal cites, without naming them, accessory and peripheral manufacturers who had the opportunity to get hands-on with the new console, which was housed in an opaque box that was used to balance design secrecy with the need to give an overview of the console's dimensions. According to these sources, the Switch 2 will be “larger than the Switch, but not quite as big as the Steam Deck.”

In 2021, Vandal posted early information about the Switch's OLED design, ahead of the console's launch, which has been confirmed along the way, lending some credence to what the site is saying about the Switch 2.

Nintendo has had some controller compatibility issues with its recent consoles. The company went to great lengths to ensure that its GameCube controllers were compatible with the Wii (and Wii U, to some extent), while the Wii U was designed to be compatible with existing Wii Remotes and other gaming console accessories. For the Switch, on the other hand, Nintendo has released a series of limited edition consoles with a retro design, specifically for use with classic Nintendo Switch Online games.

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On the software front, Nintendo has been limited to vague answers about whether the Switch 2 will be compatible with thousands of games designed for the current generation Switch. However, according to press information, some developers are already testing whether their titles are compatible with Nintendo's upcoming console.

Back in February, a number of reports indicated that Nintendo was aiming to launch the Switch 2 in early 2025 to give developers more time to prepare a strong lineup of titles for the new console. Previous reports indicated that the new hybrid console will have a larger 8-inch screen and can also support DLSS technology through Nvidia processors built on the Ampere architecture.

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