May 22, 2024

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SYRIZA: Dimitris Papanotas exits European ballot – Kassalakis' post

SYRIZA: Dimitris Papanotas exits European ballot – Kassalakis' post

SYRIZA was kept off the ballot Journalist And Provider Dimitris Papanotas by the decision of Stephanos Kasselakis after the reactions caused by his statements regarding the abuse of women and gender-based violence.

“I am saddened to be forced to exclude Dimitris Papanotas from the European ballot. I know he made a valid statement, but what he mentioned is too emotional and cannot be discussed, especially for a party that is at the forefront of human rights and equality,” says Syriza-B.S.

A little while ago, Sofia Pecatoro made a statement. “I hope the party will stand no matter what. To take appropriate action”, the Olympic gold medalist Syriza MEP candidate spoke on Parapolitik radio.

D. Papanotas' first reaction

Journalist Dimitris Papanotus spoke of a “shallow way of thinking”. “Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, n.d. In general, the New Left, PASOK and all others at the expense of SYRIZA. I congratulate them for the shallow thinking with which they handled the problem, and I regret it,” Dimitris Papanotas said in his first public statement since Stefanos Kassalakis' announcement.

“On the other hand I'm happy because when you enter an arena to fight and the circumstances don't match, it's better to leave early,” he noted, adding that since Wednesday he had contacted the party's top officials: “I told them, if you don't have the courage to face the attacks, I will definitely get, Because I am always a candidate for attention, I will resign, they told me, no Dimitris, we are on your side.”

“They don't want my help, it doesn't matter,” he commented, adding that his removal was an insult not only to himself but also to those who voted for him.

Controversial statement

In recorded statements broadcast on television in the previous days, Mr. “If he likes (SP problem). If she gets a satrap who abuses her too, she doesn't speak, sits and tolerates it, that's her problem.”

D.  Papanotus' first reaction:
Syriza: Cassalakis doubles to the baptism and papanotus statements

PASOK and the New Left are involved in this matter, as well as Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, Mr. Papanotus wrote in his record. “Can't be a candidate” In the European elections and he believes “There's no fuss about taking him away.”

And from SYRIZA's side, “complaints” were made by members and administrators. candidate on the party's European ballot Awesome giftsSpeaking to Contra, he spoke about yesterday “Very Dissatisfied” Because of this job opportunity.