May 18, 2024

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SYRIZA: How and why Papanotus was sacked – Background and what was discussed in the Politburo – Newsbomb – News

SYRIZA: How and why Papanotus was sacked – Background and what was discussed in the Politburo – Newsbomb – News

The pressure on Syriza was intense For Papanoda statements just before the start Executive office meeting

The Reports by Dimitris Papanotas For gender-based violence, they also created a political storm Stephanos Kassalakis excluded him from SYRIZA's European ballot.

The official opposition leader's statement continues to spark controversy within and outside SYRIZA It is not favorable to right, country, religion and family. He was accused of hypocrisy SWoh Nikos Androlakis Mr. Comments on Kassalakis' Notes on Baptism.

Mr. Syriza tried to solve the problem himself by expelling Papanotas from the European ballot. Kassalakis concluded. According to Koumoundourou sources, Mr. Kassalakis has made the decision since Wednesday night.

Explaining his intervention, Mr. Kaselakis said he did So don't put the responsibility on others. With this move, SYRIZA's president has shown that he does not engage in negotiations on rights and equality issues.

Substitute for Mr. Papanotus There will be Mr. Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, PhD in Biology, member of the Society of People with Neuromuscular Diseases, painter and songwriter. He is the son of former MP and former Minister Katerina Papagosta.

In Counter attack pass and SYRIZA, New Democracy MP Mr. Mr. to depose Kriazidis. Calling Mitsotakis.Mr. A few days ago he made homophobic statements against Kasselakis.

About five 24 hours have passed since the statements of Mr. Creasitis And there was no reaction on the part of Megaros Maximus. It seems that he accepts these statements, they say Prime Minister Koumundourou.

Syriza puts PASOK and the New Left are also targeted at the same timeBecause, as they say, when they criticize the statements of Dimitris Papanotas, they are Mr. Kriazidis and Mr. As is characteristic of Mitsotakis's approach, there is little sensitivity to vulgarity.

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Friday, the SYRIZA Announcement on the European Referendum. According to a report by ERTNews journalist Yiannis Fassoulas, Stefanos Kasselakis “keeps his documents under wraps”.

What was discussed in the executive committee meeting?

at Executive office meeting Mainly discussed Practically problems.

First, about her Mr. Kassalakis' speech tomorrow Inside Presentation of MEP candidates of Syriza. According to the information, the speech will have positive content and project goals without targeting government and government work.

They will also be notified Remaining five candidates. There will be four women and one man, and soon, reports say, there will be short two-minute pitches from 42 candidates.

However, the state of primaries was assessed as very positive and the assessment in Koumoundourou is that other parties will sooner or later continue the process.

to Stefanos Kasselakis's statements about his baptism also have reactions within Syriza.. Reports suggest that there were more Places of criticism By administrators In the administrative office, Mr. Kassalakis noted that the positions expressed went beyond those traditionally advocated by the main opposition party.

The Saturday morningPresident of SYRIZA Takes a grand tour of 26 islandsIt ends on Holy Monday.