May 22, 2024

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Background to Papanotus' dismissal and Kasselakis's change of attitude

He received his first serious blow on the way to the European elections Syriza From the New Left and PASOK, he was finally forced to drop Dimitris Papanotas from his ballot.

Her interventions Sophia Pecatoro The media and the party leadership lashed out at the scandals Koumoundurau That was leaked No question Issuer and Kassalakis He said proudly to the preferences of party members.

Violent attack on Papanotus by his co-candidates

A loss SYRIZA from its European ballot, before it was officially presented (the event will take place today at 7:00) and filed for the upcoming referendum: Dimitris Papanoda.

Earlier on Wednesday there was a flurry and its announcement Efis Ahtsioglou The New Left and PASOK comment on the journalist-executive's previous statements about women being abused, and as a result, after Koumoundourou's instigation and actions, he was forced to issue a clarifying statement the same afternoon. But, in it he further spoke “Cut and sew» His statements.

However, the buzz did not stop – quite the opposite happened. On Wednesday night, his co-candidate in SYRIZA, Dora Tsambasi, said that Papanotus's statements had moved him (contra). Great dissatisfaction and insisted that his statements were “not tampered with”.

The Awesome gifts He said he expected SYRIZA's ethics committee to deal with the matter, referring to the candidacy of Sofya Pekatoru, who ran a cane the next day.

Goumounduro considered the issue over

However, after a “clarifying” statement by Dimitris Papanotas, Koumoundourou on Wednesday, Tried to close the matter. They said that despite footage circulating about Syriza's top executives The matter is considered They are outdated And there is no chance of him being kicked out of the official opposition vote.

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Characteristically, Syriza's press representative, Voula Gehakiaresponded to the New Left and PASOK, who were the first to confront the Papanoda statements, saying, “None of the political parties that today brand the Papanoda statements show the same sentiment on this issue. There are two standards for ND MP Kriazidis, who used homophobic characterizations against Stephanos Kassalakis.

In his statements to ANT1, the president of SYRIZA said that he respects the verdict of the world and that all candidates have something to offer.

Pecatoro's ultimatum

The Olympian, who moved the community by revealing his personal traumatic experiences, yesterday threw the ball at the leadership of SYRIZA with his statements (Parapolitika FM). Sofia Pecadoro says “I hope the party will surviveto make the right move” and revealed that he was “already in touch with the party and I am waiting for them to position themselves on the matter”.

Sofia Bekatorou's intervention, many in Koumoundourou think to decorate it European ballot SYRIZA's was a catalyst because, if it did not oust the leader, Dimitris Papanotas, it had the direct threat of not being given what was left of the European ballot.

Finally, announcements were made by Stefanos Kassalakis at noon yesterday, shortly before the Executive Office meeting.

However, Dimitris Papanotus himself did not back down from his clarifying statements, as he spoke of regaining “control” and the victory of ND, Adonis Georgiadis, the New Left and PASOK against SYRIZA.

“Fire” by Giorgos Tsipras for Kassalakis' Baptism

The George Tsipras, the MEP candidate, said yesterday (SKAI) that he was shocked to learn that Stephanos Kassalakis had told America's archbishop Elpidophoros about his baptism and the story of the cross appearing in the swimming pool water. He also said”The Left has never performed miracles In his political speech. Not all Democrats. These belong to certain special political spheres”.

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Stefanos Kasselakis himself He objected About the “miracle” he added that “the only miracle there is is that Syriza has stood on its own feet and revived itself in recent years”. However, he insisted on investing Matters of faith. “It warms my heart to know that I have a bond with one of the youngest saints of the Church,” he said.