June 19, 2024

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Bad weather: Flooded roads in Pelion, which areas are at risk – live updates

Bad weather: Flooded roads in Pelion, which areas are at risk – live updates

Civil Defense for A change in the weather system From the west, with a dominant element they rain, the Strong storms And this heavy wind. Message from 112 – to control absolutely necessary movements – sent to insiders ThessalyEspecially the area affected by Daniel's floods last September, as well Three more parts (Central Macedonia, Central Greece and Northern Aegean). “We are investing and aiming at prevention rather than treatment, because now there is war,” said Mr Vasilis Kigilias He went to Thessaly, where the Regional Coordination Committee met.

In Carditsa There were incidents of flooding in some places Wells cannot absorb water. During the interval of cessation of rain, water is expected to fall.

at Snow fell on the mountain tops of the mountain municipality of Argythia.

to do Municipality of Palamas So far No problem arose.

Fire and police personnel are on standby Larisa So they will intervene if necessary. In Kastri of Agia Municipality Machines made a technological interventionIn case of severe weather, water may not reach the community. 30 more locations Zone and municipal machinery has been developed to intervene immediately if necessary. This applies to firefighters and police Meeting of the Coordinating Organization under Vasilis Kikilia. Severe weather is expected from 12 midnight to 6 am.

It usually started raining from six in the afternoon Magnesia. Heavy rain started at 18:30 in the south-east Pelion In the Milia area, Roads have turned into riversHowever, the rain has since subsided. Some heavy rainfall occurs Bullet and its surrounding areas, but the ability to create problems has not yet rained. to Saturday morning There are indications that the bad weather will be even more severe.

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“112” messages

Message from 112 addressed to the inhabitants of Thessaly Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Central Greece and the North Aegean are expected to experience severe weather. A warning message was also sent to Karditsa, Larissa and Lesvos.

Survive the trend of bad weather

EMY Emergency Report Updated – 6 Areas of Focus

Barometric lows are fronts and already causing Bad weather It has moved over most of the country to the northern Aegean region, where it will temporarily deepen and is forecast to affect the eastern parts of the country with continued heavy rain and storms till noon on Saturday (20-04-24). According to the update of the emergency bulletin of dangerous weather events, will be pushed further east.

Localized hail It is expected to occur mainly in the eastern Aegean region.

Winds will be strong and reach 7 and locally 8 Beaufort.

More details:

A. Heavy rain and storms are expected on Saturday (20-04-24):

Central and Eastern Macedonia (mainly Pieria, Halkidiki), Thrace (mainly southern and eastern parts) in Thessaly (mainly eastern parts of Magnesia and Larissa), Sporades, Evia (mainly northern parts) until noon , Eastern Aegean and Dodecanese Islands.

B. Events today Saturday (20-04-24) till noon will be particularly intense and pose a high risk in the following areas:

  • Eastern Thessaly
  • Sporades (mainly Skiathos and Skopelos)
  • South Piria
  • Northern Evia
  • Province of Phitsanulok (in the north)
  • East Aegean Islands (mainly Chios and Lesvos)
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On the EMY website, regular and unusual weather bulletins have more details on the development of the weather (www.emy.gr) Emergency notifications are updated every twelve hours.

Citizens are requested to take into account emergency reports of hazardous weather events for safe planning of their movements and activities. At the same time, the Autonomous Directorate of Civil Defense of Central Macedonia Region It recommends that citizens be especially careful, taking measures to protect themselves from the risks posed by severe weather events.