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Tatiana Blatnik: from their meeting and marriage to the fateful end of their marriage

Tatiana Blatnik: from their meeting and marriage to the fateful end of their marriage

In the embrace of the Swiss Alps, in the resort of Gstaad, a place that has hosted countless love stories and fairytale encounters, Prince Nicholas Greece and Tatiana Blatnik They had written the first chapter of a romantic story that was going to lead to the steps of a life together. It was in 2003 when their paths crossed, at a turning point that would be decisive for their shared path.

Prince Nicholas, son of the late King Constantine and Anna Maria, was already well known in the secular salons and royal halls of Europe. Tatiana Blatnik, born in Venezuela on August 28, 1980, is the daughter of Slovenian businessman Ladislav Blatnik and German aristocrat Marie Berlin. After her father's death, she moved to Switzerland and studied at Georgetown University. She worked alongside fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and took on roles in event planning and public relations. She is active in philanthropy and created the mental health platform Breathe.

Like a fairy tale

The life of Nikolaus and Tatiana is a romantic love story that began on the snowy slopes of Gstaad. They have been together since 2004 and their love resided in an apartment in Chelsea, London during the early years. The long-awaited marriage proposal was made after Christmas 2009, while they were on holiday in Porto Heli. There, Nikolaos handed Tatiana a ring inherited from his grandmother and asked her to be his wife. Her answer was, of course, positive, and so preparations for the big event began. Their love was sealed with a romantic and glamorous wedding on August 25, 2010 in Spetses, with the most famous members of European royal families as guests.

The ceremony was an enchanting event that combined tradition with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the couple's cultural roots and personal choices.


In total, about 370 guests attended the wedding, including many members of royal families, airline passengers and prominent businessmen. Among the guests were Queen Sofia of Spain with her children, then Crown Prince Philip with his wife Letitia, Infantes Cristina and Elena, Princess Irene, Queen Magritte of Denmark and her sister Princess Benedict, accompanied by Princess Mary, wife of the Crown Prince. Frederik and his brother Prince Joachim, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden with her husband and younger siblings Madeleine and Carl Philip, the then heir to the throne of the Netherlands Wilhelm Alexander with his wife Maxima Kl. Also the Vardinogiannis, Niarchos, Livanos, Panagopoulos, Kova, Kaisaris, Stratos and Geroulanos families as well as Alexandros Lykourezos and Zoe Laskaris. Among the major absentees was King Juan Carlos of Spain, who did not attend for health reasons, as well as Queen Elizabeth of England, who was represented by Prince Michael of Kent and his wife.

The table art, the decor of the place, the glamorous expatriates and journalists who arrived in our country from all over the world contributed to giving Greece a bit of royal magic.

The guests chose outfits that reflect the elegance and glamor of the event. The bride wore a crown and a wedding dress with a long veil from Angel Sanchez, known for its sophistication, femininity and contemporary aesthetics. Specializing in wedding dresses and celebrity clients, this particular house combined a distinctive feminine line with a delicate bolero made of delicate lace.


Residents of Spetses still remember that the bride arrived at the church in a carriage decorated with white horses, a classic Spetses tradition, while the groom arrived by sea in his family's traditional dhow, the famous dhow “Afroissa” that Constantine had given to his wife. As a gift to Anna Maria.

The dignitaries chose clothes that suited the formal nature of the event, as women wore stunning abayas and men appeared in formal suits. For example, Evanda Cristina wore a dress that once belonged to Queen Sofia of Spain, which she actually wore to her wedding. The choice of clothing reflects the tradition, elegance and charm associated with such royal occasions.

After brilliance what?

Nikolaos's life with Tatiana is a love hymn that transcends borders and differences. It was an almost karmic “union” that began on the snowy peaks and found its final expression in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. The two found common ground in art, cultural heritage, and philanthropy. Through their common path, they showed that love is not just a feeling, but also a force that can change their daily lives.

Tatiana, with her fashion expertise, brought a sense of style and elegance to their life together, while Prince Nicholas, with his princely background, added a touch of cosmopolitanism and charm. Together they lived a life rich in travel and social activity, and were an example of how two different worlds can coexist.


However, their story was not destined to end with the well-known fairy tale “And they lived well and we lived better.” After 14 years of living together, the couple have decided to go ahead with the annulment of their marriage, it was announced last night. The news of their divorce became known through an official announcement issued by the office of the former royal family in Greece and in the following words:Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana, after fourteen years of living together, decided to annul their marriage. They both express the difficulty of this decision, the deep appreciation and respect they have for each other, but also the love with which they have walked all these years. The same values ​​of respect and understanding will form the basis of their future relationship, a relationship of deep and sincere friendship. They will continue to live and be active in Greece, a place where they feel at home.”

Velvet divorce

Although the divorce decision came as a surprise to many who considered the couple to be one of the most beautiful and compatible royal families, their families did not seem surprised.

The truth is that their breakup – despite efforts to reconnect – has been happening for some time. It is no coincidence that for several months they followed a completely different program and lifestyle. The rift that arose between them did not heal over time. Despite this, they did not let the clouds lift in their relationship, especially last year, after Konstantinos' death – when the family was grieving.


With experience in fashion and marketing, Tatiana Blatnik continues to dedicate her time to various charities and organizations. Nikolaos has been a business consultant and his philanthropic activity is extensive, being actively involved in Axion Hellas where he was one of the founding members. Until the day the Velvet divorce was announced, he was with the volunteer group on the islands to transport medicines and medical staff.
In these difficult hours of the announcement, some saw him as a thinker. In the moments when the rest of the expedition went to rest, he took his favorite camera and took pictures of wonderful corners of Greece. If family is his first passion, then photography is next. Tatiana is clearly involved in this activity. He is the man who insisted on holding exhibitions. In a previous interview, he himself admitted this “Tatiana saw that whenever I had the opportunity, I would pick up a camera and shoot. When we arrived in Greece and I realized the beautiful light this country had, I fell in love with photography.”

You are free to go…

It appears that 54-year-old Prince Nicholas, who was born in Rome, studied at the Greek College in London and loves art, and is second in line to the son of former king Constantine and Anna Maria, will continue to reside in Castries. Among his future plans is to hold some exhibitions abroad. As well as his social work through Aksion Hellas.

Nikolaos and Tatiana live apart for a long time but maintain good relations. They do not hesitate to say that their decision was the result of long and careful thought, and that they remain committed to the esteem they have for each other. After all, that's what happens in “palaces”… There is a protocol that must be reverently observed in marriage and divorce.

After all, theirs was a love story of two people with different personal histories and cultural backgrounds who met, fell in love, and created a common path in social life and actions. As they both admit “Greece, with its rich history and cultural heritage, remains a place that inspires us and provides the ideal framework for developing our social goals…”

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