June 23, 2024

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Antonis Remos: “We do not have the best relationship with Natasha Theodoridou”

Antonis Remos: “We do not have the best relationship with Natasha Theodoridou”

Antonis Remos dug into Maria Solomou's new website and mentioned his long career, Pantelis Pantelidis and Natasa Theodoridou.

You were a mentor to Pantelidis

“I have an image that carries a strong emotional charge for me. It's very historical. Pantelis and I got along to the point where we became very close friends. I've always been the artist he admires and loves me so much and respects me so much. I wanted to show him things. At one point his mentor. And with Therefore, Pantelis loved Notis Sfakianakis and raised him with songs.

His relationship with Notis Sfakianakis

I won't break up with Notis, there's respect. Let's clarify some things at the end of the year,” said Antonis Remos at the beginning and continued:

“There was a moment when they told Notis how he feels when Pantelidis comes out and looks like him, and they confused him and he got angry. It bothered him that Pantelidis sang him a song and they said Notis did you sing a song? That's where the unofficial beef started. We took a picture with Pantelidis,” she wrote. Notis “Calm down.” Then Notis came out and said Remus, a first name and a young and old man in the cafes. He started like this beef… A little humor, a little truth through the picture, I stood next to Pantelis, that brother, don't chew, I'm here. “I was by his side.”

I don't have the best relationship with Natasa Theodoridou

“I appreciate her but we don't have the best relationship,” Antonis Remos said at another point and then talked about his role with Natasha Theodoridou's song “Fengari mou,” which was used in an Easter commercial.

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