March 4, 2024

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What will happen to the remaining immunities?

What will happen to the remaining immunities?

Survivor All Star 16/1 spoiler: Three immunities From this year to survivor, the first one was already played and went to blue hands. in Live broadcast After all, we watched how the Blues won. What will happen in the next two immunity on the survival reality show? sky;

We had another exciting match in Survivor All-Star. Second flag race, again captured by the Blues. This was also an important victory for the fighters. They went straight to the immunities and took a deep breath. In fact, they took a big bite. ate. Atmosphere She was.

Derby people want to see, matches that are judged on points. This brings Watch tv. These have value and concern in general. I hope we have derbies all the time in all matches. However, we’ll have a lot to be sure of.

The question now is what will happen in the next immunities. We’ll have a final decision in the morning. At the moment, we don’t have anything specific to report Spoiled Survivor. We will not make estimates and assumptions unless there is at least one serious indicator.

This is not appropriate. the fighters They ate consecutively these days, and they also took psychology. In other words, the blues have outdone them. However, the red team She is strong enough and able to return to victory.

Let’s not forget that so far they have not suffered two defeats in a row, for example. Although the aggregate score, so far, is 3-2. Celebrities beat fighters.

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If I understand correctly what my antennas are picking up from Santo Domingo, again The final score would be 2-1to where it will appear.

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