July 22, 2024

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Teenage Engineering Orange Computer-1 PC Bag is back on sale

Teenage Engineering Orange Computer-1 PC Bag is back on sale

You can finally get your hands on the very small and completely orange Computer-1 PC case from Teenage Engineering again, months later At first it was sold and sold. If you’re really hoping to buy a small bag of ITX $195, you can Go to the company’s website And add it to your cart – but before you do, it’s probably worth updating yourself on the properties of… Computer 1.

When Teenage Engineering announced this case, we had some concerns. There is hardly any space for a modern graphics card (even this RTX 3060 Small Bigger than Teenage Engineering recommends), the placement of the airflow looked a bit fishy, ​​and the “think twice, bend once” warning in the assembly manual made the build seem high stakes.

It requires some installation.
Photo: Teen Engineering

People who have done this since then Built in the box systems Say bending And the airflow isn’t much of an issue, but they also find that the holes don’t come pre-rolled. This means that pulling in them can be a long forearm exercise – not exactly the experience you’d expect with such an expensive piece. (High quality Mini-ITX bags range from Under $100 to about $200 – but those are usually pre-assembled.)

On the one hand: practicality. On the other hand: You can turn on your computer by flipping a switch. (I’m not judging, the “cool” power button is what sold me First PC case.)
Photo: Teen Engineering

With all that said, Computer-1 is undoubtedly a fashion statement, something that can’t be said of the fairly ordinary boxes that most home computers connect to (there are, of course, Exceptions). And while there might be better ways to spend $200 on a flat orange computer frame – TE . Play History Designed with panic sound very fun And plenty of style too – you don’t have many other options if you desperately need a computer case that looks inspired Half-life suit HEV. Just be prepared to spend so much for something that you have to bend over and build yourself up; Beauty does not come cheap.

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