June 21, 2024

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Tempi: Inspector arrested after marathon apology

Tempi: Inspector arrested after marathon apology

OSE’s traffic inspector – and in charge of station masters’ shifts – was sentenced to pre-trial detention after he made a marathon apology to an appeals investigator.

The OSE traffic inspector was detained after apologizing to the appeals investigator, which began around 3:00 pm and ended after midnight.

He is said to have put stationmaster Paleophersalos “in a frame of accusation” and, according to reports, he has since apologized, accusing him. He also said Larissa’s “dangerous” station master in custody was capable of staying alone on her shift.

80 page memorandum

The inspector submitted an 80-page memorandum in which he said he was the one who called the shifts, but was in no way responsible for two of the three station masters leaving their posts the night before. Not because of sadness, or their professional training.

He also emphasized that he proposed the shift schedule himself, but he had the final approval A traffic manager was recently killed in a car accident.

The inspector’s opinion was also recorded in the memorandum he submitted that he was responsible for the malfunction at the Larissa station that caused the unfortunate loss of life and Paleofursalo station master – according to the information – he said he was responsible. to inform his colleagues in Larissa that Intercity 62 was 1 hour late.

The station master of Paleophersalos denies himself vigorously. “In other words, we inform the supervisor of every delay?” No no no. He is trying to catch him, you understand…”, was his reaction.

A 59-year-old station master has already been remanded, along with two other station masters, one contracted and one experienced, in connection with the train derailment at Tempi that killed 57 people. , were released with restrictions after tendering apologies last Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

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