February 27, 2024

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Terrorism: An Israeli restaurant in Psirri was targeted – they were preparing a very deadly strike

Terrorism: An Israeli restaurant in Psirri was targeted – they were preparing a very deadly strike

The restaurant targeted by terrorists also served as a Jewish synagogue.

A restaurant in Psiri, located in the building of the Chabad Center, the building that houses the Jewish community center in the heart of Athens and also serves as a Jewish synagogue, was the target of two foreigners who were arrested as members. A terrorist network prepares for bloody attacks in Greece.

The aim of the terrorists was to cause many casualties and it is not yet known if there are other targets.

A cue for selecting a destination may be linked to a description of the physicality of the restaurant itself. “We welcome daily visitors who want to learn about Sephardic Jewish culture […] Costijo is more than a restaurant, it’s an approach to life and an open invitation to all those looking for a unique culinary experience. Exclusive and unique kosher dishes, with delicious ingredients, following traditional Sephardic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.”

According to information, two persons of Pakistani origin, who were arrested, entered our country illegally from Orestiada five years ago, while their traces disappeared.

Marinos Aliferis revealed on Live News that the two arrested were in telephone contact with their comrades in an Asian country other than Pakistan, from whom they received orders and instructions for the strike in the center of Athens.

In fact, according to information, an investigation was also conducted on the Ionian island, specifically in Zakynthos, related to those arrested.

What did their cell phones “reveal”?

Since mid-February, the two suspects were located and identified, arrested and detained for entering the country without the necessary documents.

At the same time, their mobile phones, USB and other items were seized and sent to forensic laboratories for testing.

Investigation revealed that the two Pakistanis were in contact with their countrymen living in Iran and advised them on how to attack an Israeli restaurant-synagogue.

In fact, the arrested tried several times to recruit other comrades, but without success.

Competent officials talk about EYP’s cooperation with foreign agencies to establish where the terror organization’s “tentacles” are reaching, but the role of the “brains” that gave the orders.

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