June 16, 2024

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The 5-Minute Golden Rule – What It Is And Why You Should Know It Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner

The 5-Minute Golden Rule – What It Is And Why You Should Know It Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner

The means of regulating the temperature in a car’s cabin is the air conditioning system, which must be used properly for the sake of both its health and ours.

Car air conditioning is essential especially during the summer months as it is responsible for regulating the cabin temperature to the ideal levels for any situation.

In addition to comfort, the car air conditioner It also directly affects safety since the motorist does not suffer on hot summer days and remains focused on “work”. And it is nothing but leadership and greatly increases the likelihood of successfully dealing with unpleasant situations.

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Sometimes air conditioning systems, especially in older technology cars, They can get stuck and bring a strong, musty-like odor to the air compartmentwhile for the same reason their overall performance may decline.

In this case The evil started much earlier than the “symptoms” appeared and for this evil the drivers themselves are solely to blame Specifically the way they use the air conditioners in the car.

Trouble begins From turning off the air conditioning at the same time as turning off the enginethat is, when we reach our destination, and this has consequences.

Cool air passing through the system and through the air ducts reaches the cabin, lowering the temperature of surfaces and other parts close to the HVAC system or part of it such as the air ducts.

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On the other hand, a hot engine increases the temperature in the area and the temperature difference increases the humidity in the cold parts of the air conditioning system, which is already there due to its operation.

There is a temperature difference in the air conditioning circuit Creates the best conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which, in addition to the unpleasant smell in the cabin, can also cause health problems. At the same time, the more it accumulates, the greater the likelihood that the air ducts will be partially and gradually clogged – due to the concentration of dust sticking to wet surfaces – and the air conditioner will show reduced performance.

So We came up with the five minute rule, and it’s good to apply every time we use a car air conditioner. A very specific and simple rule requires the driver to turn off the air conditioning five minutes before arriving at their destination while leaving the fan on.

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in this way, The warmer air entering the circuit removes moisture and at the same time eliminates the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth Which can negatively affect our health.

Also, following the above rule also weakens the services that may be required for the air conditioner, With the compressor running in parallel in ideal conditions, which increases its life.

specified rule Followed by the latest generation of home air conditionerswhich before turning it off completely, turn on the fan for a few minutes for exactly the same reason.

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