February 20, 2024

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The Action button will be available on all iPhone 16 series models

The Action button will be available on all iPhone 16 series models

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max mark the debut of a new feature – the action button.

Now according to his information MacrumorsApple plans to integrate this feature across the entire “simple” iPhone 16 lineup.

The idea of ​​an action button is not new. It was originally planned to launch alongside the haptic volume and power keys with the iPhone 15 Pro. However, due to unresolved technical challenges, the touch buttons were removed, but the action button remained and was included in the final version of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

On the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the action button replaces the mute switch that was a staple on all previous iPhone models. But unlike the mute switch, which only had one function, the action button offers iPhone users many uses. It can be programmed to perform various functions, including:

  • Silent Mode: This feature allows users to turn the ringtone and notifications on or off, similar to the ringer switch on older iPhone models.

  • Lens: Users can enable or disable the Lens feature in iPhone.

  • Camera: The mode launches the Camera app, allowing users to choose between photo, selfie, video, portrait, or selfie mode.

  • Shortcuts: The feature opens a shortcut from the Shortcuts app, enabling a number of very useful features.

  • Voice Memo: Users can start or stop recording a voice memo.

  • Focus: This enables or disables a specific focus mode.

  • Accessibility Features: Users can turn on or off a variety of accessibility features and settings, which are targeted to users with visual or hearing disabilities.

  • Magnifier: This turns your iPhone camera into a magnifying glass with the magnifier app.

  • Translate (available in iOS 17.2): This allows speech to be quickly translated between two languages.

With the iPhone 16 series, Apple aims to improve the functionality of the Action Key by converting it from a mechanical key to a capacitive key. The redesigned action button, codenamed Atlas, is expected to work similarly to the Touch ID Home button on older iPhone models or the Force Touch trackpad on modern MacBooks.

Internal documents reveal that the upgraded action button will include a sensor that senses changes in pressure and a “touch toggle function,” the details of which are yet to be clarified. The new “Capture” button, designed for the iPhone 16 series, is also expected to offer the same functionality as the enhanced action button.

Even the designs and prototypes of the base iPhone 16 model included an action button. The action button has been a constant feature at various stages of development and hardware configurations.

According to Macrumors, Apple has also tested different sizes of the action button. Some configurations have a larger action button than the one on the iPhone 15 Pro, which is similar in size to the volume keys. The action button has been spotted on several iPhone 16 prototype units and has been mentioned in internal documents related to the new devices.

Finally, the Action button is also expected to be included in the next version of the affordable fourth-generation iPhone SE, which is said to be released in 2025. This essentially means that the dedicated mute switch will be phased out in all future iPhones . under development.

While Apple’s plans are unlikely to change, it’s worth noting that the information is based on pre-production data and may not necessarily reflect the final product, as we are still several months away from finalizing the devices.

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