February 20, 2024

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Google has presented a list of the best applications of 2023 for Android

Google has presented a list of the best applications of 2023 for Android

As every year, this year too Google Reveal the best Android Apps of 2023. In particular, Google Play announced the winners of its Best of 2023 awards, which highlight the best apps, games and books of the year. Reflecting the latest trends, this year saw the addition of new award categories such as “Best with AI” and “Best Game for Good,” as well as awards for apps and games that work across multiple devices.

The main winners included: Imprint: Learn Visually and Honkai: Star Rail as Best App and Best Game respectively. Imprint: Learn Visually is an app that helps users learn visually by explaining complex topics in psychology, history, health, technology, and more as simply as possible.

Moving forward, Spotify and OUTERPLANE were recognized as Best App and Best Game for Multi-Device, respectively, for working seamlessly across all devices. Additionally, users’ picks highlighted ChatGPT and MONOPOLY GO! As a favourite.

Winners in each category:

Best app: Imprint: Learn visually

Best game: Honkai: Star Rail

Best overall multi-device of 2023 according to the Google Play Best of 2023 Awards

Best multi-device app: Spotify

Best multi-device game: OUTERPLANE – Strategy anime

Users’ choices for the best app and game of 2023

Users’ Choice Application: ChatGPT

Users’ choice game: Monopoly Go!

The best apps of 2023 according to the Google Play Best of 2023 Awards

Best for fun: Bumble for Friends: Get to know IRL

Honorary: Really Real Maker is a video editor

Best for personal growth: Voidpet Garden: Mental Health

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Honorary: Imprint: Learn visually

Best everyday essentials: Artifact: Feed your curiosity

Honorary: ReciMe: Easy and delicious recipes

Best hidden gem: Mindful: Mindfulness and well-being

Honorary: Stippl: Explore, Plan, and Share

Best with AI: AI Personality: AI-powered chat

Honorary: ChatGPT

Best for families: Paw Patrol Academy

Honorary: Lego Duplo Disney

Best app for good: AWorld to support ActNow

Best for watches: WhatsApp Messenger

Honorable mentions: AllTrails: Hike, bike, run, Audible: audio entertainment

Best for tablets: Concepts: drawing, observing, sketching

Honorable mentions: Canva: design, images and video, Everand: e-books and audiobooks

Best for Chromebooks: FlipaClip: Create 2D animation

Honorable mentions: Evernote – notes organizer, video

Best for Google TV: Maximum: Streaming HBO, TV, and movies

Honorable mentions: Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Tubi: Movies and Live TV

Best for cars: Amazon Prime Video

Honorable mentions: Beach buggy racing, Spotify

Best games of 2023

Best Multiplayer Player: Farlight 84

Honorable mentions: Arena outbreak, Dragon Call, Marvel snap, With one hand

Best pick up and play: Monopoly Go!

Honorable mentions: Wadi Al-Krum customs, The great death, Monster Hunter now, Ninja must die

Best islands of India: Vampire survivors

Honorable mentions: Roto power, Bloom song, Super Meat Boy Forever, Underground blossom

Best story: Honkai: Star Rail

Honorable mentions: Down in Bermuda, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Memento Mori: AFKRPG

Best ongoing: The men stumbled

Honorable mentions: Clash of tribes, EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer, Incorporate gardens, Royal match

Best games for good: Sleeping Pokemon

Honorable mentions: Bicarbonase, Garden of Joy – Design Game, Lingo Legend Language Learning, Longleaf Valley: Merging and Transplanting

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Best in Play Pass: Magical frenzy

Honorable mentions: Areda: Awakening of the Backlands, Linnea: Enerlite Game, It is a famous adventure game, Silly Royale – The Devil Among Us

Best for tablets: Honkai: Star Rail

Honorable mentions: Marvel snap, Monopoly Go!, Roto power, Souls