April 19, 2024

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The area in central Athens where rents have risen by 55 euros in a year

The area in central Athens where rents have risen by 55 euros in a year

Rents to explode in Athens in 2024. How prices move nationwide.

In the highlands she is Rentals in AthensThis increases the difficulty of finding housing for the vast majority of the population. According to the “Greece Hour” show on Open Channel,… the prices Rents in the central areas of the city are particularly high even for a few square metres.

For example, for an apartment with an area of ​​​​about 50 square meters, in Bagrati In 2023, the average asking price reached €600, while in 2024, an increase of €55 was recorded, reaching €655.

according to Vineyards In 2023, the average property price reached 554.5 euros, while in 2024 it reached 582 euros, recording an increase of 28 euros.

in cell The price in 2023 “touched” 437.5 euros, while this year an increase in the average rental price of 6.75 euros was recorded, with prices rising to 444.25 euros.

It appears that metro construction in the area has already begun to impact rents, and prices are expected to rise significantly once the project is up and running. The same applies to Expiration.

Sta Southern suburbs Rentals are inaccessible. in Glyfada For example, the average rental price from 775 euros in 2023 now stands at 856 euros, registering an increase of 81 euros.

In fact, in the area specified above He increases He is more smallAs in other neighboring areas, the increases are greater.

How are rents moving nationwide?

In the same context, an increase in rents was observed nationwide December to 2023 It was registered Anode From prices by 4% for him corresponding month to 2022.

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between January 2023 And January 2024 It was registered 3.6% increaseWhile in between February 2023 And February 2024 the Anode He was 3,8%.

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