October 4, 2023

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The astronomical amount that Margot Robbie will collect for the movie

The astronomical amount that Margot Robbie will collect for the movie

the film “Barbie” Ha Greta Gerwigbased on Mattel’s iconic line of toys, is a record-breaking, ostensible blockbuster movie.

according to diverseFive days after the release,BarbieStarring movie receipts Margot Robbie Like the famous doll and Ryan Gosling In the role of Kane was more than 200 million dollars.

It also earned money on the Monday after the show’s first weekend $26 million in the United States. The amount is the highest for a movie released by Warner Bros. The previous record was held for 15 years by the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman sequel “The Dark Knight”which grossed $24.6 million.

Barbie has already proven to be a huge financial success for Warner Bros. Before The Barbie Movie, the best opening weekend in the US was The Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. Film “with 146.3 million dollars.

Margot Robbie: How many millions will she make from Barbie?

the Margot Robbie She was further rewarded for her role in bringing ‘Barbie’ to the big screen. The star and producer behind the summer’s biggest hit is set to win approx $50 million in salary and bonuses from the box officeaccording to diverse.

the Greta Gerwig He will likely also get a bonus due to the massive success of the movie.

To date, “Barbie” has grossed over $1.18 billion worldwide – and that number will only continue to rise as “Barbie” continues to top the box office charts.

The film now ranks as the second highest-grossing film in Warner Bros. history. behind the movie «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part Two».

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