February 22, 2024

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The best Greek and foreign films of 2023

The best Greek and foreign films of 2023

This year the vote of the Hellenic Federation of Film Critics to select the best films of the year was completed again this year.

Each member of the Hellenic Union of Film Critics (PEKK) had the right to vote for dozens of films, while a parallel vote was held for the best Greek film (here each critic could vote for three films).

Thus, for 2023, based on their run on the commercial theater circuit, the following films have finally been featured:

Starting with Greek films, perhaps no one would have suspected the reach of Asimina Poedros' multi-award winning film 'Behind the Haystacks'. They were followed at a distance by “Black Stone” and “Phonessa”, directed by Spyros Iacovidis and Eva Nathena, respectively. We first enjoyed the first two parts at the 2022 Thessaloniki Film Festival, and saw the new version of Papadiamantis' novel in November 2023.

Conversely, equal votes characterized the “international” vote:

A tie at the top, a tie at the bottom of the ten, and that was finally…a dozen!

“Zone of Interest”, directed by Jonathan Glazer, and “Falling Leaves”, directed by Aki Kaurismaki, emerged as the two best foreign films of the year, according to Greek critics, after a “chest to chest” battle. Both of them do not need special recommendations above, they are widely accepted. Like, by the way, all the movies in the following list…

The 3 best Greek films of 2023

1) Behind the haystacks of Asimina Broedros

2) The Black Stone of Spyros Iacofides

3) Eva Nathena's killer

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Top 10 (+2) movies of 2023

1) Jonathan Glazer's area of ​​interest

-) Fallen Leaves by Aki Kaurismaki)

3) Anatomy of a Fall by Justin Trier

4) “The Moonflower Killers” by Martin Scorsese

5) The Spirits of Innisrene, by Martin McDonough

6) Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan

7) Tar from Todd Field

8) The Past Life of Celine's Song

9) Dry Herbs by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

10) In the teachers' office, İlker Çatak

-) Hirokazu Kurinda's monster

-) God's Country by Helenor Palmason