July 22, 2024

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The day before the start of the Mediterranean Games, Algeria chose to accuse Morocco of “conspiracy”.

The day before the start of the Mediterranean Games, Algeria chose to accuse Morocco of “conspiracy”.

The Algerian regime, just three days before the opening of the Mediterranean Games in Oran, launched the second episode of what the Algerian regime calls the “confession” of Mohamed Ben Halima, who was deported from Spain last March. The former corporal declares that he “fallen into the trap of the Zionist Makhzen plot, which was plotted against Algeria.”

“The path of the felony .. the details of the plot”, this is the attractive title of the last episode of what the Algerians call “Dahdawi”, to rehabilitate the fabrics of lies that the Algerian intelligence services continue to produce in their prisons.

On the eve of the opening of the Mediterranean Games, which took place on Saturday 25 July in Oran, we of course had to expect a new low maneuver from the Algerian regime, very worried about the risk of popular demonstrations in favor of the Algerian people. The presence of delegations from the Mediterranean countries in this city located in western Algeria.

All fears are justified as the Algerian president went there on his first outing inside the country, since his election in December 2019. The least we can say is that the people of Oranis have completely ostracized Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Thus, while he was waiting before the military court to explain himself to the judges about his desertion and his explosions on the army through social media, it was finally in a new video recording that Muhammad bin Halima handed over, last Wednesday evening, to a new “confessions.”

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According to the text of his statements made by the official Algerian Propaganda Agency (APS), Benhalima explained that as soon as he contacted the Arab terrorists Zitout, Amir Boukhors and Asya Qeshoud, he began discovering their true intentions and that he fell. The trap of the Zionist conspiracy plotted against Algeria.

What is this Moroccan or Israeli conspiracy targeting Algeria? According to confessions dictated by Algerian intelligence, Benhalima says that he exposed the “hand of the store” when he was placed under judicial supervision in France for illegal residence. There, the APS writes, “Walid Kabir, who resides in Morocco and who participated in the popular movement in Algeria and who has relations with Hisham Abboud and Mehdi Ghani, tried to take him to Morocco. A destination that the terrorist Asya Qishoud tried to convince him to choose. And the disclosure in this context that the terrorist Zitout informed him That Amir Boukhars is in direct contact with the Moroccan warehouse and that he receives large sums of money from the Moroccan authorities.”

In the end, Benhalima says he decided to “flee to England rather than Morocco pretending to be Jewish.”

Morocco is here, the store is there… All that remains is to sprinkle all this soup with “terror”, an essential ingredient in all the delicious sauces prepared by the Algerian military junta. Thus, all Algerian dissidents in exile accused of supposed “terrorists” with links to Morocco, are accused of “financing terrorism”.

Ben Halima said that he contacted Abdullah Al Drissi, the “right arm” of the Arab terrorist Zitout, who told him that he was collecting donations from mosques with other people to send to Afghanistan, and that the “heads” of companies financed the activities of the terrorist Rachad movement,” APS continues.

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To fill in the contradictions in these extracted “confessions,” Ben Halima asserts that Zitout, as the Makhzen agent said, would have advised him to avoid the Amir of Bukhour, but he is also the “agent of the Makhzen”, along with a “terrorist” affiliated with the Rashad movement. Shit movement.

There is nothing surprising in these accusations of “conspiracy against Algeria”, when we know that the “foreign hand” was also used to send several generals to prison. This is the case of the former foreign intelligence chief, Major General Mohamed Bouzit, who was dismissed from his position in January 2021, and then imprisoned in September 2021 on the pretext of alleged collusion with a foreign entity and another attack on national security. . An accusation that led to the imprisonment of another general, Mohamed Kaidi, one of the best “young” executives in the Algerian army, who was sacked in November 2021.

What is somewhat surprising is that the brilliant “Muslims” have never submitted to the hedonistic method.

Why did the Algerian forces never succeed in “fabricating” the confession of the chief non-commissioned officer Jermit Bounoira, the former black box of the Algerian army chief of staff Gaid Salah, who died in December 2019? After being extradited from Turkey in 2020, Bounouira handed over to former diplomat and dissident Arab Zitout a set of important documents classified as “top secret”, relating to the mafia practices of the Algerian generals. These documents, which fell into the hands of Turkish intelligence, were also handed over to the fugitive Major General Ghali Belkasir, the former chief of staff of the Algerian Gendarmerie.

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Where are also the confessions of the gendarmerie Mohamed Abdallah, who was also extradited from Spain and who was in constant contact with all those Algerian dissidents whom Ben Halima quotes today?

What is certain is that many of the Algerian media close to the generals have extracted, as early as last March, mainly propaganda allegations, according to which Morocco was preparing to take advantage of the Mediterranean Games to send it to Oran, within its “strong delegation”. , “spies” who “also lead for the Israeli Mossad”. And this particular propaganda, provoked by Ben Halima’s “confessions,” served as an excuse in recent days to harass Moroccan journalists who came to cover these games.