June 26, 2024

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Double standards contribute to “antagonizing public opinion”

Algeria continues its "reprisals" against Madrid

The Bulgarian capital hosted, as part of the 29 . businessThe tenth Annual Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Conference (COPEAM), discussion on the topic Media and Global turmoil: What is the contribution to peace? “. During his participation in this event, the President of HACA emphasized the role of the media in building trust and social cohesion.

Attitudes of the major international media based on double standards in addressing issues such as terrorism, separatism, immigration or certain wars and conflicts antagonize public opinion and promote misunderstanding and mistrust between businesses. On June 24, 2022, Latifa Akherbach, president of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), announced.

Participant in the discussion organized in the Bulgarian capital as part of the proceedings of the 29The tenth Annual Conference of the Permanent Audiovisual Mediterranean Conference (COPEAM) on the subject Media and Global turmoil: What is the contribution to peace? “,” Mrs. Akhbarbash felt that ” It does nothing to contribute to peace or to a culture of peace to have a global media system dominated by the major international media that proclaim themselves the voice of the world’s conscience and pretend to be the exclusive carrier of moral values ​​by imposing their formulation and hierarchy of information and qualification of events. This media hegemony, in addition to the inability of the media in many countries in different regions of the world, to express their views, weakens the role of the media in terms of reducing misunderstanding and contributing to building peace. “.

The head of the Moroccan regulatory body, in this regard, explained her point of view with several examples related in particular to the difference in addressing the issue of Ukrainian refugees, African and Afghan refugees or even the media narrative of the conflicts and wars in the country. Iraq, Libya and Ukraine. In conclusion, she called for an inclusive and egalitarian dialogue within the international media community to promote ethics and good professional practices in times of crisis and to prevent the media from being part of the problem by allowing their use as weapons of war. .

Hosted by Bulgarian National Television, this conference brought together many radio and television representatives from several countries as well as experts and academics.

The Hakka delegation, which included Ms. Badia El-Rady and Mr. Mohamed El-Mazouz, also held, during the working visit to Sofia, a meeting with Mrs. Sonia Momchilova, President of the Council for Electronic Media (CEM). ), the independent authority responsible for regulating audiovisual media in Bulgaria.

This meeting, the first of its kind at a bilateral level between the two bodies, provided an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of cooperation between HACA and CEM, the two institutions also members of the Francophone Network of Media Regulators.