April 13, 2024

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The delicious answer to Filopoulos

The delicious answer to Filopoulos

Homophobic attack Via Twitter, the head of Hellenic Solution, Kyriakos Filopoulos, launched against Giorgos Kapotzidis, and the latter responded via his Instagram account.

The reason for this Fierce battle Which broke out after an interview conducted by Giorgos Kapotzidis with Giorgos Liagas, in which the presenter and actor referred to the politician.

Specifically, Giorgos Kapotzidis answered the broadcaster's question about… What is his opinion of Stefanos Kasellakis he said:

He added: “Other political leaders are also interested, why don't you deal with them? Mr. Filopoulos discovered a preparation that, when applied, stops the Corona virus. Isn't this interesting? Usually we have to send it to the World Health Organization. If I were Prime Minister, I would send it to Johan, to polish “All the handles are in Byzantine, to stop the Corona virus.”

Then Kyriakos Filopoulos made one Another obscene response to the host Via his Twitter account.

As for Mr. Kapotzidis, because he talked about 2105 and my work talks about… the handles, I advise him to join the army and polish all the handles of the camp. Did he actually join the army? Polish the handles“, wrote Kyriakos Filopoulos.

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Giorgos Kapotzidis gave a delicious answer to the head of the Hellenic Solution Organization, through an Instagram story.

“HeyPlease inform anyone interested that I enlisted in the Army in March 1999 and was discharged in February 2001. I served 23 months as an Infantry Reserve Officer. I was posted to Kilkis, then for 4 months to SEAP in Heraklion, Crete and from there to 514 TP at Protokklisi in Evros and 563 TP at Therma Nigritas. That's all and happy new year!“, wrote Giorgos Kapotzidis.