April 13, 2024

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“You are a hero” is a social justification.

“You are a hero” is a social justification.

wheelchair fencing champion, agriculture sockShe found herself invited to… Studio 4on Thursday afternoon (1/4), where he spoke, among other things, about it Traffic accident incidentthe inability delusion Difficulties That people with disabilities in our country face every day.

“When something like this happens to me when I'm 21, Then I was just starting my independent life, I had my school, my friend, my job, I was active, I traveled etc., and suddenly where I was at the peak of my life as a person, I took the first hand and dropped to zero again. Because in the beginning it was a question of whether I would live or not, the doctors dealt with it with me and my body, and because I had been doing sports since I was young, it definitely helped me endure all of this, I was polyphasic. -injured. [..]” originally described.

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“I don't agree with the word 'hero'. It's a social justification.”

Then the Duel Champion pointed discrimination People with disabilities also suffer from an often problematic approach to the world, which may partly be due to ignorance, Ms. Kaltsis explained, but it is important to highlight it.

“People with disabilities can now be there without choosing to, because there are barriers, so while we all have the same rights, suddenly we don't all have the same rights anymore. I mean, overnight when everything was “cool, kid with prospects and all that”, suddenly what do you want to tell me?, that I'm a kid with no prospects, because I'm sitting? no. So I took it patriotically and said that I will continue to do what I want and what I love [..]”, stated.

Then he pointed to Naming “heroes” Which often accompanies people with disabilities, explaining what the specific word is social justification.

“You say heroes, because you can't help us or become part of the community and be a little more united, so that we can all move on equal terms. I think it's a social excuse, because they can't cope For things that are owed to us as well, for people in wheelchairs, people with BAI, amputees, whatever.to explain.

“Disability is an expensive sport.”

Georgia Kaltsis also spoke about the challenges faced by a disabled person, noting thatMost people find that it is the sitting position that bothers them People in wheelchairs, while In fact it's the least we care about“.

“The last thing you care about is where you sit. The issue is access, being able to move around easily, and feeling safe [..]”he added.

He continued: He stressed how expensive the life of a disabled person is, emphasizing that “Handicapping is an expensive sportBecause you can call it a sport.”. “Wheelchairs cost a lot of money. The less disabled you are and you need something lighter and more compact, the more it costs, because it tells you you need it.” to explain.