February 22, 2024

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The end of the “rise” in real estate prices after two years – the market “corrects” – news

The end of the “rise” in real estate prices after two years – the market “corrects” – news

Banks and market players Real estate Expect a slight correction in home sale prices in 2024.

Calm down Home selling prices They “see” the players in the market Real estate And banks for 2024, as they express their belief that the upward “rise” that occurred over the past two years is coming to an end.

the Commonly recommended to Estimates It is that values ​​​​will continue to rise in general, but at a clearly more moderate pace, while there will also be areas with lower demand, where stabilization can be observed, according to the Kathimerini report.

for him “ton” given before Bank Ha Greeceahead of the “exhale” of 2023, noting in the Monetary Policy Report that “early signs have been identified, perhaps indicating an imminent period of price correction, particularly for low-demand uses, features and locations of real estate.”

“the Expectations to next time It remains modestly positive, under the influence of international developments and the high inflation environment, Increase interest rates And uncertainty, which directly affects Europe and the global economy as a whole,” according to the Bank of Greece.

during The fourth quarter to 2023Asking and selling prices recorded a comparative increase Chapter III. Apartment prices (in nominal terms) rose by 13.9% year-on-year, compared to an increase of 11.2% in the corresponding period last year.

the Buying and selling homes It registered a downward trend throughout the second half of last year, as the number of buyers who could respond financially was limited, according to real estate sources who spoke to Kathimerini. An increase in interest rates also negatively affects buyers' expectations.

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In this context, properties that have no investment interest are directed exclusively to Local marketThey must register revision to Required prices them, in order to attract purchasing interest. Otherwise they will remain unsold for a long time.

to Airbnb Hotel capacity exceeded

now, family Provided through Short term rental They are more, although 60% of citizens are concerned about the impact Airbnb In the urban fabric of Athens, according to the Kathimerini report.

the HellasAs of July 2023, it had 212,199 short-term rental accommodations with 392,118 rooms and 939,167 beds. These sizes contrast with traditional hosting structures, which are HotelsThey number 10,087 units containing 443,835 rooms and 885,624 beds, according to the annual report of the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

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