June 13, 2024

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“The European Patent Office suffers from the presence of gangs and shadow games”

“The European Patent Office suffers from the presence of gangs and shadow games”

The head of the Premier League, Vangelis Marinakis, made serious complaints with an open letter on the website of the organizing authority, in which he asserted, among other things, that the EPO suffers from the presence of gangs and shadow games.

On Monday afternoon (20/3), Vangelis Marinakis filed serious complaints with an open letter on the website of the organizing authority. The Super League president emphasized in the open letter, among other things, that EPO suffers from the presence of gangs and shadow games.

It is also reported that other things were agreed on Monday afternoon at the EPO, in the meeting with Takis Baltakos and others announced a little later by the Football Association while noting that since all teams asked for elite referees in the playoffs. The matches do not need permission by anyone to achieve the purpose of the league.

An open letter from Premier League President Evangelos Marinakis

In order to restore the truth and for sports fans to finally know what is happening in Greece and football, I have to state the following:

At a scheduled date since last Friday, in the EPO offices, after a prophetic declaration (unfortunately for our football), I assured the EPO President that Mr. Bennett and Mr. Mandalos should be removed immediately because they have failed miserably.

We saw what happened over the weekend but also what happened in the previous matches with almost all the teams declared against Mr. Bennett!

In the first round of the playoffs, they failed to respond and moved on to definitions that shook two matches in the air.

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At the same time, I informed the head of the EPO that the Premier League intends to help, as a serious organization with access and respect for UEFA and the major federations and not like the worthless Bennetts and other EPO, to find elite referees for the derby and referees from the top shelf, So that Greek football is not blown up in the continuation of the playoffs.

Tariffs will be set, of course and under UEFA/FIFA guidance, by the European Patent Office and not by the Premier League, and no such issue was raised in our conversation.

At the meeting, which was also attended by Mr. Kostas Karabas and Mr. Leonidas Thomides (member of the European Union and representative of the European Patent Office in SL2), so there are witnesses to what was said, the President of the EPO told me that he fully agrees with this position and together declare that the EPO and the League Al-Mumtaz will cooperate for the arrival of the elite referees.

He also explained to me that Chief Referee Bennett was still unable to find and bring in good referees.

Immediately after the meeting and after the pressure (which may have been stifling), the EPO issued a statement with various content and references to the issues not discussed.

To some extent I understand Mr. Baltacos, as he told us he was threatened by D. He asked for police protection for his family!

This is Greece, this is where Greek football, EPO and KED are today.

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Is this what you guys want? Is this how you want to complete?

Some, unfortunately, want Dabanovich, Iraqi, Afghani, Albanian referees and baristas from the bottom shelf committing crimes in stadiums! Referees and baristas, who will be picked up from the airport by every Sidiropoulos, who everyone knows, along with all the Diakofotis (President of the Dodecanese Football Federation), people who deal with referees, with elections in federations, with matches in B and C nationals and with soccer.

From now on, if you want the (already damaged) League to end cleanly and properly, you must stick to what has already been agreed upon by the Super League teams.

Elite referees in all derbies and senior referees from Europe’s six major leagues in all play-offs. There can be no discount or excuse. And because it is a unanimous decision of the Premier League, I do not need anyone’s permission to act until the teams’ decision is implemented and there is no blank letter left in the minutes of the league.

Finally, those of us who want the good of Greek football need UEFA, which should help us and put some order in the chaos called EPO, which has been plagued by the presence of gangs, shadow games and the diarky (baltaco-filibosi) system. Which leads us with mathematical precision in the decline and disintegration of Greek football.