April 18, 2024

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The European Union is reviewing Apple's decision to end support for web applications – Apple

The European Union is reviewing Apple's decision to end support for web applications – Apple

The European Commission is already collecting information from Apple about its decision to stop support for web apps in iOS 17.4

Apple may soon find itself facing supervisory bodies in the European Union, due to the company's recent decision to end support for web applications in the European Union, according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported. Financial Times report. Press information that They are already doing the rounds on the internet The report states that the European Commission has sent relevant requests to both Apple and the creators of the apps in question, requesting more information to be taken into account in the evaluation that will follow.

“In fact, we are considering compliance packages for all companies with a dominant market position, including Apple,” European Commission spokeswoman Lea Zuber said. “In this context, we are looking specifically at the issue of Progressive Web Apps and can confirm that requests for information have been sent to both Apple and app creators, which could provide useful information for our evaluation.”

When Apple was asked to comment on these developments, it declined On the relevant website Where this change is indicated.

Earlier this month, Apple confirmed that it will no longer support iPhone web apps in European Union countries. With the release of iOS 17.4. Instead of operating as stand-alone apps, with storage capabilities and the ability to send notifications, EU web apps will be more like bookmarks. The company blames this development mainly on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires Apple to allow full support for third-party web browsers, not just Safari WebKit.

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Providing such support for third-party browsers would require the company to create an “entirely new integration architecture,” which, as Apple itself claims, “was not practical to attempt given the remaining requirements for DMA.” The company also cites the “very low user adoption” of these apps, as well as potential security issues, as the reasons that prompted it to make this decision.

Meanwhile, app developers are reacting to the end of support for web apps: Open Web Advocacy, an NGO that supports free web development, Conducting research To find out how this change will affect app developers. The organization intends to send the answers it receives to the European Commission.

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