November 30, 2023

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Sony has confirmed the hack and its extent

Sony has confirmed the hack and its extent

A few days ago, team members claimed to have hacked all of its systems Sony Group Companywhich includes sections Sony Pictures, Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation), Sony Music And more. Now new information has emerged that essentially confirms the hack and the extent to which it took.

As we learn from it IGNSony has begun contacting thousands of former employees who appear to have been affected by this attack. According to Bleeping Computer, The company has now updated Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) employees reported that their data had been hacked.

It’s about to 6800 employeesWhile the hacking occurred through a security vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer program, which is a file transfer program run by Sony, in addition to other major companies.

Sony’s leaked letter to its employee can be found here By clicking here.

According to the leaked information, the CL0P group are the hackers who hacked Sony’s systems, using a vulnerability in MOvEit that allowed them to steal data.

Thus, it appears that the stolen data has nothing to do with PSN accounts as happened in 2011, but rather with former and current employees of Sony Group Corporation. Of course, Sony itself may reveal more details in the coming days, so we advise you to be patient and follow

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