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The first Greek color film and “30% color”

The first Greek color film and “30% color”

His beginnings “Agapetikou tis Voskopoula”, “The Honest Wanted” 1963 and color reissue of Greek mythological films.

the The first Greek film in color In our country it was “Shepherd's lover” 1956, designed by Drimaropoulos & Co., colored in Technicolor. Also, in the same year, the color film “Proteousianikes Peripeties” was also released, the first Greek color film with a contemporary (non-rural) theme directed by Yiannis Petropolakis. And in this movie we also see her for the first time Rina Vlachopoulou As an actress, she has also previously appeared in films as a singer.

in “Primitive Adventures” We see Omonia of that time in colour, the central streets and shops, and Christmas decorations in a rare color depiction of Athens, with newly painted apartment buildings in 1950. Overall, the work in question has documentary interest as a record of its history. Time and urban landscape before mass construction. It also records the clothing preferences of men and women, while the text is very weak.

“Shepherd's lover” It has been filmed twice more of course, once just a year before its color version, with Vougiouklakis as the protagonist and another with Cristina Silva and Giorgia Vasiliadou. “Agapitikos tis Voskopoula” was also filmed in 1932 As the first Greek talkie film.

Dance and colour

The first Greek color film to achieve commercial success was “Alice in the Navy” in 1961. While the country's first color film processing plant was established in 1962. And so producers gradually began to produce We started filming some dance scenes in colours. Their entry into the cinema began to give people an additional incentive to go to the cinema. One of them is “Sincere wanted” (1963), a film by Panagiotis Konstantinos that was broadcast Thursday nights on Cosmot TV, which It has the following characteristics: 70% black and white and 30% colour. In fact, this is how it was advertised in posters at the time.

As you can see, the opening credits are in color, something we also see at the end of the film which ends with a dance.

In the movie script, The beggar becomes the link between four independent stories about everyday life at that time, where the “sadiq” is every potential groom for a poor but honest girl with a dowry. The following actors play in the film: Mimis Fotopoulos (Beggar), Nikos Stavridis (Dimitris Giannopoulos), Kostas Foutsas (Panteles), Martha Karagiani (Maria), Kostas Kakavas (Kostas), Eleni Maveli (Marina), Giorgos Kapis (Sotiris), Kakia Kontopoulou (Illini), Nikos Vermas (Bravo), Nasos Kidrakas (Anastasis), Kostas Pouzounis (Migalos), Giorgos Tzivos (bar keeper), Xanninos (Bravo), Dimitris Katsoulis (Sophronis), Nada Tsaka, Stathis Hatsipavlis (director). , Nikos Tsachiridis, Sofia Papadopoulou, Maria Ladiko, Christos Kirkos, Vangelis Perpeniadis (song).

The film sold 8,646 tickets, and came in 67th place among 82 films shown in the same season, that is, without “sweeping” the audience’s preferences. “Push” rather what was coming To list units Parallel stories. It was also released on DVD on April 12, 2002, and its digital version is out now.

For your information, The first Greek color film, edited entirely in Greece, was 1967's Hello Dollar. It is based on the play “U.S. Sixth Fleet” by Alec Sakelarios and Christos Giannakopoulos, who also wrote the screenplay. While Sakellarios directed the film.

As for restoring color to the previous black and white film, The beginning was in 2016, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Karagiannis Karazopoulos’ presence in the cinema, when I saw the color version of George Tzavela’s works. “A woman is not afraid of a man.” Coloring was done at West Wing Studio in Hollywood.

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Then we saw him too “Bacalugato” or “Zico” In Color (2017), while many of Venus's films have been restored in a clear and vivid way.