April 19, 2024

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If he made me an offer, I wouldn't accept it at this point

If he made me an offer, I wouldn't accept it at this point

On Wednesday evening, the company met with its president Syriza Stefanos Kasellakis and his wife Tyler Macbethby Constantinos Argrosis the one that will be talked about a lot in the coming days.

The dinner was held in the private area of ​​the Kinko restaurant in Nea Smyrni, away from bustling Kolonaki, where the most popular performer of his generation can be seen almost every day.

The specific space of a Japanese restaurant provides the required privacy they desire Stefanos KasellakisOtherwise, the company will gather all eyes. In any case, the leak from this particular dinner was immediately linked to the upcoming European elections, because the poor polling position into which Syriza, or what is left of it, has fallen, urgently needs a strong booster injection. And this “injection” of Stefanos Kasellakis could be Konstantinos Argyros, who has… a crazy current in the new generation and is considered the hottest name at the moment. “He asked to meet me and I agreed to meet me,” Konstantinos Argyros tells protothema.gr about the now-infamous dinner, which began with an introductory ice-breaker conversation.

Undoubtedly, the talk turned to politics and the latest developments, but, as the popular artist points out, there was no proposal to run for the European Parliament. He said: “Even if Stefanos Kasellakis made me an offer at this stage of my life, I would not accept it, because what I do in the song is a priority at this particular time.”

Argyros clearly states what he stands for: “If I felt I could help, I would think about it, but for now I am dedicated to music.” The singer's dinner with the Kasselakis-Macbeth couple went smoothly, while also present a few meters away was Eleni Fourera, who had earlier attended the double-platinum concert of her duet “Gdyssou” with Apon in a nearby store. Discussions on various issues came and went, while the “secret” dinner, with a political flavour, succeeded in becoming a topic of discussion after it was leaked. The Syriza president chose not to publish any snapshot of the meeting with Konstantinos Argyros, which he considered private, or as some said, a first meeting with a very popular artist.

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What this acquaintance will hold in the future – if there is a future with the destruction of his party – for Stefanos Kasellakis we will see later, and certainly not in the next European elections.

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