June 21, 2024

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The first list of the main topics of the day in France

The first list of the main topics of the day in France

Author: Julio Fumero

Cuba: The conference and international information exhibition 2022 will begin in Cuba

The 18th International Information Conference and Exhibition 2022, to be held in the capital from today until March 25, aims to join the effort to continue the digital transformation.

Venezuela: Venezuelan armed forces attack paramilitary forces in Apure.

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces continues its operations today in Venezuela’s Apure, where Colombia’s armed drug traffickers have been hit several times over the weekend.

Panama: Panama is expanding its plan to reduce violence in the neighborhood

Panamanian officials have stated that the “Peacekeeping My Neighbors” program will be extended to other parts of the capital from today, with the aim of reducing street violence.

Brazil: They have demanded an amendment to the law on booking educational places in Brazil

Brazilian Senator Paulo Paim has argued that as a result of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is being celebrated today, blacks, mestizos and tribes should be given seats in public universities and technical education institutions.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica hosts the Summit of the Coalition for the Development of Democracy

The presidents of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic will hold the IV Summit of the Coalition for the Development of Democracy today to examine the clear answers to the challenges raised in previous meetings.

France: UNESCO demands responsible and sustainable management of groundwater

UNESCO today advocates for responsible and sustainable management of groundwater, which represents 99 percent of all freshwater reserves on the planet.

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France: French tour operator interested in Cuba destination

Tour operator Havantour Paris today, in the voice of its director Gretel Lopez, expressed satisfaction with the public interest in France in resuming trips to Cuba in the post-Covit-19 scenario, which has been gradually restored.

Spain: Without immediate effects, but Barcelona is growing

The draw leaned towards Barcelona due to its growth and the loss of Karim Benzema at Real Madrid, but Classico was unexpected in Spanish La Liga de Football.