October 1, 2023

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The first rumors about the fourth generation iPhone SE – iPhone

The first rumors about the fourth generation iPhone SE – iPhone

Although we still have plenty of time until Apple decides to launch the fourth generation iPhone SE (and if) the rumors don’t… wait. according to Latest informationThe US company’s least expensive device will have many similarities with the current generation (iPhone 14-series).

The iPhone SE 4 will also have some interesting upgrades, including the new ‘Action’ button that we should see from this year’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Although by no means official, code has been discovered in pre-release builds of iOS 17 that indicate that the new Action button will replace the dual-function (Ring to Silent) button on the top left of existing iPhone models. . Essentially, the button will have a similar function to the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, although in upcoming iPhones it is said to offer multiple customizable functions (such as activating the lens or acting as the camera shutter).

According to a Twitter user, Unknown 21 (URedditor) The Action button is one of the upcoming upgrades for the fourth generation iPhone SE. It will also have a USB-C port, which was expected given that European legislation now mandates a USB-C connection for all mobile devices that charge via a cable/charger. Also, while the design of the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be based on the iPhone 14, it will only have a single camera on the back, a feature that is in line with the current generation of the iPhone SE, which has a 12-megapixel camera (f / 1.8) on the back (and a camera 7MP selfie on the front). The device will also have Face ID. Will Apple keep the “starting price” of $ 429 in the United States, or will it significantly increase the price of this particular model after the rumors have surfaced and want the price of the new iPhone 15 to be significantly higher? Unfortunately, the launch of the fourth generation iPhone SE is not certain at the beginning of the new year, so we will have to wait for some time until more information is released.

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