April 18, 2024

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The infamous denouement of a wonderful relationship and safety fuses Panathinaikos

The infamous denouement of a wonderful relationship and safety fuses Panathinaikos

The “divorce” with Giorgos Papagiannis and the strong reaction on the part of Panathinaikos result in annoyance and emotion. The things that come and the security that two players give Ergen Ataman’s transition plan. Alexandros Tregas writes.

Friday 14th July was the heaviest day in a while for Panathinaikos. It started in the worst way (see the departure of Giorgos Papagiannis), caused a strong reaction from the people in the organization and ended with another transfer.

Under normal circumstances, the “noise” of the acquisition of Kyle Guy would be greater, but the separation from the former leader is not easy. Rather, the way it happened…

The method overshadowed everything

The departure of Giorgos Papagiannis is nothing that can be taken as a surprise. It had already begun to emerge during the season that the two sides were closer to divorce than to renewing their (sic) vows.

But the way this “divorce” came about overshadowed everything. Mainly because he flooded the bright past of Georgos Papagiannis at Panathinaikos, changing what both teams saw in the final. The intensity of the reaction was a result of the passion and love that prevailed in this relationship, especially on the part of Panathinaikos.

Somehow, bitterness has settled into Owaca. Bitterness expressed in different ways since the morning of Friday 14 July.

The manipulations brought annoyance and frustration

Panathinaikos realized early on that they were not in pole position to sign Giorgos Papagiannis. There were indications of such a view, but – even so – it was felt that … the card might turn.

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To be precise, leaving the International Center in this way was not treated as an outright betrayal. Because it simply wasn’t. It’s an obvious career choice, with his future in mind. What bothered the Panathinaikos team was the handling of the case by senior international officials.

Justified or not, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that within the Panathinaikos organization it was believed that Giorgos Papagianni’s team led him to Fenerbahçe, without having a clear attitude towards the Greek team. This is why the position that saw the light appeared on the afternoon of Friday, July 14th.

The future is more important than the past

Everything that happened belongs to the history of Panathinaikos. The main thing in this case is that Sani Petsirovic has already shortlisted transfer targets, for the possible departure of Giorgos Papajiani. In general, Panathinaikos is ready enough to respond and close the gap on the racket.

The issue now is “how”. Options are limited in the Euroleague. Some of them (see Toni Tzekiri) have already been omitted from the replacements because of … an actor (see Nikos Spanos).

So it seems that switching to the NBA is a one-way street for Sani Beserović and Ergen Ataman. There, the pool is obviously bigger, the alternatives infinitely more, but with a permanent asterisk for the inexperience of Euroleague actions. Although this does not automatically mean that the choice is unsuitable.

The presence of Mathias Lesur gives Patience an option in Clover for the center position. Let’s not forget that we are still in the middle of July.

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Player – security for continuity

One could say that Kyle Guy finally took on the same role as Matthias Lesseur. The 25-year-old was among those chosen by Ergin Ataman, who Panathinaikos moved quickly to get him, in order to … peace of mind about the position of the shooting guard.

May not have the right Euroleague experience, plentiful attacking talent and ability to shoot the perimeter, making him a highly valued option for Panathinaikos. In return, the Greek club was able to wait as long as necessary for the player who – on a theoretical level – would be ahead of them in the rotation.

No, it wouldn’t be Tyler Dorsey. This seems clear from the first moment. And regardless of what happened in the past hours that led to the severance of relations with Fenerbahçe, because of Dimitris Itoudis.

So Panathinaikos is being asked to look in another direction. Maybe even towards the same center. In the United States and the NBA.

Summer changes big and fast

If nothing else, it can be described as a success for Panathinaikos that transfer planning has progressed so far, already in mid-July. For a team that cannot be left out with 12/12 new players in the first official game of next season (note: of the old players, only Lefteris Mantzoukas can be counted), being able to secure nine signings so far is something that is a small (or big) victory. Sani Beserović and Ergin Ataman.

Until the mystery is completed and we know to an absolute extent who (we’ll be dealing with) in the new season, no evaluation can be done in the hiring process.

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Because only then will it be possible to discuss the “pluses” and “minuses” of the options and analyze the spiritual potential of Panathinaikos.