April 18, 2024

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Olympiacos – Norgland 1-1: Al-Arabi is here, Martinez’s red and the whites are coming…

Olympiacos – Norgland 1-1: Al-Arabi is here, Martinez’s red and the whites are coming…

They say friendly matches for coaches and summer festival goers. Those who rush to choose heroes and make promises. The bottom line? For Olympiacos, which has already entered a new era with the seal of Cordon Martinez, the main thing is to “build” correctly and methodically. with a plan. And until then? Working in Austria with friendlies like the one just finished against Norgeland gives “food” for the next training sessions and the next goals.

You see a 1-1 with Norgeland who are in the final stretch of their preparations as on the 24th they make their Danish league debut with Viborg, leaving Martinez with a lot of ‘well done’ and a lot of work (one way or the other) to keep going .

At the same time, he continues, “Welcome back” to Youssef El Araby. The Moroccan killer, who entered the preparations with anger and was already in the second friendly match of Olympiacos, wrote 3X3. He scored in the 1-1 draw with the Danes as he did in both goals against the Czech Republic, in a 2-1 win over Slovakia.

Along with Al-Arabi, Martinez kept his players effortless in the 4-2-3-1 which he implemented again and saw it work well especially in the first half when the team put pressure on the opponent. Tight suspensions would have saved the Danes 1-0 from Rodney’s error. But we said, it’s still July, friendlies that only play for the elements the coach wants to see. For an Olympian that changes over the days. In the next friendly match we will see Iborra and Kenny.

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How did they line up?

Diego Martinez Alexandros Pachalakis lined up under the defenders with a back four composed of Rodini, Ritsu, Ba and Rybekis, with Pouchalakis in the ‘6’, Huang in the ‘8’ and Kostas Fortounis in the staff media role. On the right flank of the attack was Albial, on the left the Masuras and in the vanguard of the Arabi.

North Zealand: Hansen, Wilandsen, K. Hansen, Jensen Abu, Friese, Tverskov, Svenson, Diomandi, M Hansen, Egvartsen, and Othman.

Start with a high press from Olympiacos

As in the friendly match against Slovakia, the red and whites started the game with a desire to raise the Danes’ defense high.

Pressure that resulted in mistakes by the Norgeland defenders and won several free kicks, from which came the first good moment for Olympiacos with Masoura at 14′.

The main threat is static stages

The first 25 minutes passed without a big stage, as the two teams developed mainly from the sides, as Rodney was very active with Olympiacos, making several movements from the right, with the “two soldiers” looking for a way to “open” the opposing defence.

Thus, set pieces played a leading role in the first half of the match, which the defenses bought without any problems.

The Danes opened the scoring from “The White Bullet”.

Without threatening the Olympiacos defense, Norjland managed to take the lead, just before half-time.

More specifically, Rodini clumsily tagged Diumante as the match referee signaled a penalty kick.

Igvartsen scored from 11 moves and made it 1-0 for Norgeland, a score that sent both teams to the locker room.

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Draw for Olympiacos with the usual suspect

Diego Martinez’s men quickly looked for the equalizer in the replay and got it with a good night.

The pressure of the Reds paid off, as Masoura grabbed the ball from outside the area and fired from a wide position, then Al-Arabi snatched the rebound after the opponent’s goalkeeper intervened and headed it from close range into the empty net to make the score 1-1. .

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