July 20, 2024

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The Investment Bill is in progress in the Ecuadorian Parliament

The Investment Bill is in progress in the Ecuadorian Parliament

Analyzed by the Parliamentary Commission on Economic, Manufacturing and Micro Enterprise Development, the resolution received six votes in favor and three votes against.

According to Daniel Nobova, chairman of the Legislative Schedule, the regulation is appropriate for the country, for which he thanked the committee members for carrying out the assessment.

Contains over 260 articles and addresses considered by executives to attract national and international investment such as public-private partnerships, free regional governance, strengthening the stock market, promoting digital change and promoting growth in general. .

Among those who disagreed was Carlos Zamprano, a member of the Union War La Esperanza Caucasus legislature.

“In the report submitted, I think there are still very important things that cannot be fixed for the second discussion, so we, on behalf of the Citizens’ Revolutionary Committee, have already indicated that we will not support this investment bill,” he assured.

In his opinion, the national government is trying to deceive the people by arguing that its proposal seeks to create employment, however, its hidden side is the concessions to the bank.

Similarly, Independent legislator Jose Vinuvesa felt that the report on the project had not been deeply analyzed, as it lacked the limits and degree of involvement of private companies in the public sector.

The opinion of both legislators is shared by experts and some social sectors, who define the privatization of restrictions.

With the approval of the report prepared by the Development Committee, it is the responsibility of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Guadeloupe Lori, to summon Blonde for a second discussion.

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