April 18, 2024

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The iPhone 15 is expected to sell like crazy — here’s why

The iPhone 15 is expected to sell like crazy — here’s why

the iPhone 15 Pro It is expected to be a major development compared to the current model, as it will change the charging port by adopting USB-C, and it has a new, more rounded design without any physical buttons, while it also appears that it will have a greatly improved battery thanks to the new 3 nm engineering processor, which It will greatly increase performance. However, regardless of all these changes, one of the leading American investment firms thinks so Sales of the next generation iPhone will be great for a different reason.

In detail, private equity firm Wedbush Securities raised its target for Apple stock to $190. One of the reasons according to his official report and related publications CamelIs that More old users will move to the upcoming models of the iPhone 15 family. Wedbush appreciates that About one in four iPhone owners haven’t upgraded their device in at least four years.

So, with performance showing signs of slowing, volumes filling up and battery draining faster after all this time, this is expected to be the year many finally decide to upgrade. Speaking about it, the investment company confirmed:

We estimate that approximately 25% of the currently installed iPhone base has not upgraded their iPhone in at least 4 years. With the long-awaited iPhone 15 expected to be launched in September, it appears that the delivery of iPhone 14 will be more stable than other iPhone generations in the past.

In fact, when the iPhone 14 first appeared, Apple was also facing serious problems due to the epidemic, and therefore it was unable to provide stores with the necessary inventory, and it may have lost many sales. Now that the global chip shortage has been largely overcome, the iPhone 15’s debut is expected to do better in this regard as well.

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Finally, this year it seems that Apple will pay more attention to the simple iPhone 15 models, all of which will have, for example, Dynamic Island. And this could be a factor that will lead to better sales, since the simple iPhone 14 had slight differences compared to the previous generation.

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