February 26, 2024

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The latest and most interesting leak of the Galaxy Fit 3 has come from Samsung itself – Samsung

The latest and most interesting leak of the Galaxy Fit 3 has come from Samsung itself – Samsung

Expect a larger screen, snoring detection, and longer battery life, among other things.

We already knew that a fitness tracker feature would accompany the Galaxy Fit 3, from certification lists and previous leaks. Now, it seems that Samsung has revealed more information about the new device that it is preparing to put on the market, through its official website.

Samsung Gulf, which targets users in the Persian Gulf, briefly posted the official product page for the Galaxy Fit 3, although the disputed site has since been removed. However, there is still a cached version of it, where a lot of information and specifications are listed. Some of these features can be seen in the following images.

Starting with the design, Samsung promises an aluminum chassis and a noticeably larger display. We can expect a 1.6-inch square AMOLED display with a resolution of 256 x 402 compared to the Fit 2's narrower 1.1-inch AMOLED display that offers a resolution of 126 x 294. The Galaxy Fit 3 weighs 18.5 grams without the strap and 36.8 grams. With it compared to the Fit 2's 11.3 and 21 grams respectively. The device comes with 5ATM/IP68 certification, so of course there will be no problem using it in a swimming pool.

Another notable difference in terms of design is the move to more traditional bands, compared to the Fit 2, which nods to the design of the Mi-Band. Samsung says the Fit 3 has quick release buttons to make changing the strap easier. The data published by Samsung also temporarily confirmed, among other things, that it will continue to market a series of sports teams.

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As can be seen from the images above, Samsung will offer a device with an operating period of up to thirteen days on a single charge, thanks to the battery with a capacity of 208 mAh, while it will be able to charge 65% within half an hour. Other important features are Bluetooth 5.3 support, 16MB of RAM and 256MB of data storage.


The device will also provide support for more than 100 fitness programs, measure blood oxygen rate, heart rate, stress levels, fall detection function, and a user activity recording mechanism. In addition, there will be a function of recording sleep hours, including the possibility of detecting snoring, using the microphone of any Galaxy mobile phone, which will be connected to the device.

The company also published a detailed list describing the differences between the Galaxy Fit 3 and its predecessors. The differences between Fit 3 and Fit 2 can be seen in the image below.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 vs Fit 3

The Galaxy Fit 3 release date has not been officially announced, but it stands to reason that the introduction of the new device will not be far away, as leaked information shows that the company is ready to bring it to the market. Anyway, we'll talk about a launch that Samsung has already delayed a bit, given that the Fit 2 was introduced in 2020.