July 23, 2024

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The metro goes to Glyfada with trains!

The metro goes to Glyfada with trains!

The extension of the metro to the Glyfada area has gained new momentum…

…as areas where the new subway stations will host the Red Line extension from Greek to her heart Glyfada.

According to the information provided by the study of transportation to expand it subway On the southern outskirts of Attica, Planned Line 2 They will be added with three new stations on its network.

Specifically, the first stop will be located below Macedonia Square.

The second station will be installed at the intersection of Vouliagmeni and Gregorio Lambrakis.

The third and final stop will be installed at Agios Konstantinos Square in Glyfada, which is a meeting point with trams and the central urban transport hub in the region.

This announcement is the first step towards the implementation of the plan, while the path to full implementation requires great technical preparation. Geotechnical, static and topographic studies, cost-benefit studies and environmental studies are just some of the steps that must be followed to fully realize the project.

As for the cost of the proposed expansion of Glyfada, it has not been determined with certainty yet, but according to purchase expectations, it is expected to range between 350 and 400 million euros.

It is planned to implement 188 projects worth 27.6 billion euros
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