May 22, 2024

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The minimum wage is “fixed” at 710 euros, but the precision turns it into dust – Consultations and items for FRANGODIFRAGA from HatZIDAKI

The minimum wage is “fixed” at 710 euros, but the precision turns it into dust – Consultations and items for FRANGODIFRAGA from HatZIDAKI

The process began on 5 February with a written invitation sent by the Consultation Coordination Committee and is scheduled to be completed by 22 March at the latest.

At that time, the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domnas Michelidou, will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to set the minimum wage for employees and the minimum daily wage for artisans. This is an increase in the minimum wage from €663 in January 2022, to €710 in April 2024. The government has committed to a minimum wage of €950 and an average wage of €1,500 over four years. Up to €811 gross (or €691.3 net) is the minimum wage proposal from the Bank of Greece, which estimates that for every one percentage point increase, the average wage per employee increases by up to 0.5%. from
For its part, INSETE proposes a 5% increase while KEPE, in order not to burden small businesses, proposes up to 3 to 4%.

The proposal of the General Union of Greek Workers (GSEE) aims to increase the minimum wage to 908 euros per month. As he explains, in 2023, the average full-time gross salary is estimated at €1,443 per month, with 60% of the average salary being the relative poverty line of €866.

In addition, taking into account the increase in labor productivity in 2023 and the estimated inflation of 2024, the minimum wage should rise to 908 euros, in order to effectively protect minimum wage earners from punctuality, and break free from the trap of relative poverty and lack of income. Changing their position in the income distribution.

Holistic proposal

The comprehensive proposal of the GSEE Employment Institute (INE/GSEE) also includes: Restoring the definition of minimum wages in the institution of the general national collective labor agreement, as well as its role and function as a general minimum of protection. , with universal application to all employees, in the context of consultation between social partners, is of crucial importance
Let the acceptance of the final determination of its rise, the promotion of social and labor peace and, finally, the compliance of employers, which will allow to increase the effectiveness of its positive effects on the economy, society and democracy.

Restoring protective arrangements for individual and collective labor law.

Removing institutional and legislative obstacles that prevent increasing employee coverage under collective labor agreements (more than 80% of employees).

Strengthening the Labor Inspectorate to effectively deal with deviation in the workplace.

Regulate and monitor flexible and informal forms of work to protect minimum wages and working conditions. According to the information, the Bank of Greece proposes a 4% increase in the minimum wage. At the same time, private sector workers also benefit from the three-year “unfreeze”, without retroactive effect, for the period from February 14, 2012 to December 31, 2023.

Report: Makilio newspaper