February 20, 2024

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The Mitsotakis government is ready to put its hands on the Syriza “pillow”.

The Mitsotakis government is ready to put its hands on the Syriza “pillow”.

The Mitsotakis government now seems dissatisfied and, despite the large surpluses at the expense of households, is now considering getting its hands on the famous €37 billion “pillow” left by Syriza in 2019.

This particular amount was created to provide security to the markets by enhancing their credibility since they sank during the note period.

According to the Kathimerini newspaper, the government is seeking the approval of the European Stability Mechanism to disengage, or better yet, to seize 15.7 billion, the solid core of the “pillow” supported by the left. The government was keen to leave and hold it in a special account with the Bank of Greece.

It is noteworthy that the rest, about 20 billion euros, is available to public government agencies, which the government borrows in the short term to meet its needs (repo).

It is expected that ESM permission to freely access €15.7 billion will likely be granted in the first quarter of 2024. The official condition was the country’s exit from enhanced supervision, which was implemented as early as August 2022, but in reality, the authorization also… Requires investment grade.

This happened when two days ago Greece also received a rating from Fitch, paving the way for a positive decision by the European Stability Mechanism.

It was a “gift” from the Syriza government and the Greek people, which will now be exploited by a government that is against the interests of the people.

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