February 20, 2024

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Current: “Premiere” in 2024 for color definitions

Current: “Premiere” in 2024 for color definitions

With the arrival of the New Year, the “colored” energy tariffs and the notorious electricity subsidies will make their debut: certain categories of citizens will have to accelerate applications in order to receive a discount – in the form of a subsidy – on their electricity bills that will be issued in the New Year. At the same time, of course, the new type of bills will have begun to arrive, with the “green” account being the one that makes the difference.

Vangelis Dorakis writes

Special “green” tariffNames It will include two shipments, Integrated into…one: One charge is what is called Base bid price, which will be determined by RAAEY (Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water). On this charge Each provider “constructs” the final supply price It is also what the customer has to pay.

How the new electricity bill landscape is shaping up

The special “green” tariff is therefore a large part of the fee They are covered at the base offer price which remains fixed for at least 6 months.

In addition to the basic supply price, in order to obtain the final supply price, any amount resulting from the volatility mechanism (which fluctuates based on the electricity market clearing prices of previous months) is added according to a specific type of calculation.

This results in each provider having the same basic fee on their bill, with the final cost varying according to the profit added by each company, the amount of the changeover mechanism, and the potential discounts they offer, while there is also a fixed fee, but it cannot exceed 5 euros.

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The changes relate to all low voltage electricity supplies which are currently subject to monthly rates.

Customers who have fixed invoices or who object at the same time to being included in the special invoice are excluded from this until 1/31/2024. and announce their desire to join another product or stay with the current product as long as it remains commercially available.

Those who do not submit a statement of objection to their service provider will “automatically” go to Special “green” country tariff. Whoever joins it has the right to terminate the contract at any time, without incurring financial burdens.

The new special tariff will start from 1/1/2024 And according According to the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs At least it will last For one year until 12/31/2024. The final price will be announced until the first day of each consumption month.

But already, according to the information, For the big five suppliers, which has already submitted bids for a “green” tariff, has the lowest price PPC at 15.932 cents per kilowatt-hour. The other four suppliers’ prices range from 16.596 cents, 17.195 cents, 19.654 cents and 20.572 cents per kilowatt hour.

In addition to the “green” tariff, there will be the blue tariffthe signs that will identify fixed fee accounts, yellow which is a floating fee and orange indicates the “dynamic” tariff and relates to those who have a “smart” meter.

Where will applications for electricity allowance be submitted?

In January However, it is also expected that electricity subsidy measures will be activated: The Independent Public Revenue Service’s myHeating platform – through which heating applicants are “served” – is the one that will accept applications from those who will be considered beneficiaries of “energy” allocations. Subsidy Relates to electricity consumption during the period from January to March 24 and who is “heated” with electricity.

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Beware, thoughThe electricity allowance will not be disbursed to beneficiaries of the heating allowance or beneficiaries of the social household tariff (COT).

The amounts allocated to beneficiaries of electricity subsidies start from 45 euros and reach 480 euros. The “model” on which the assistance will be calculated will be similar to the model applied to the heating allowance.

How is the electricity allowance calculated?

In this case the Department of Energy The amount of 60 euros is set as the basis of the calculation, which is multiplied by the special factor that each Greek region relies on degree days, i.e. how cold it is. As for the cases that will be supported, it is assumed that 60% of the electricity bill is for heating.

Submit applications for electricity allowance It is expected to begin in January and beneficiaries must visit the AADE myHeating platform to apply for assistance.

However, there is a big difference regarding the heating allowanceBeneficiaries of electricity aid will not see the money in their bank accounts, but will see it as a discount on their electricity bill, specifically the one that will cover the period from January to March 2023.

Income limits for electricity allowance

The income and ownership criteria for granting electricity subsidies are the same as those for heating subsidies. That is, they are formed:

  • Priced at 16,000 euros for unmarried couples
  • In the amount of 24,000 euros for a married man
  • While the income limit for families with children increases by 5,000 euros per child.
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Therefore, the income limit for a family with one child is set from 27,000 euros to 29,000 euros, for a family with two children, the income limit increases from 30,000 euros to 34,000 euros, and for a family with three children, the income criterion increases from 33,000 euros to 39,000 euros. .

value aMovable property amounts to €200,000 for individuals and €300,000 for married couples