February 26, 2024

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The mother gave birth to 19 children from different men and is waiting for the 20th! Because he wants to have more children

A woman revealed that she is the mother of nineteen children – all of whom she has Different fathers. Martha, 39 and pregnant with her 20th child, says she wants to do more More children. All her children, including the one in her womb, are from A different fatherBut in the latter case, the woman does not know who the father is.

Of all her children, 17 are under 18 yet – and she plans to have more until her body can no longer handle it. The woman from Colombia claims that “Profitable business». “I look at it, being a mother, as practically a business,” she said.

Speaking of the absent fathers of her other children,… accuse Whatever “Irresponsible». But the mother of nineteen children said that she receives financial support from her government for each child, which motivates her to do so More children. “The truth is that while the government helps me per child, I get very little money per child,” he added.

How much money do you get for each child?

Martha said she gets about 70 euros for her older children and about 28 euros for the younger ones. The Colombian state pays her about 470 euros monthly. Until the Local church Loving neighbors support the single mother on her unique journey of motherhood.

But things are not rosy when it comes to housing 19 children in one house. Mother who lives in one Three bedroom apartment She says living with her children in a small house is very “difficult.”

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She said her oldest child would have to sleep on the couch to make room for the younger children.

Sometimes it is difficult to provide enough meals for everyone on a limited budget. But Martha desires to have more children until it becomes physically impossible for her to do more, because it is “profitable” for her.