April 19, 2024

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The Motorola Bendable Concept Phone gives us an idea of ​​the future of mobile devices from today – Motorola

The Motorola Bendable Concept Phone gives us an idea of ​​the future of mobile devices from today – Motorola

Although this particular device has “traveled” to numerous Motorola and Lenovo exhibitions and events in the past couple of years, the Motorola Bendable Concept Phone remains a particularly interesting device that attracts attention.

The Motorola Bendable Concept Phone is the prototype smartphone envisioned by Motorola using the latest technology in displays, and as you can see, it bends and can be adjusted to fit the user's wrist like a bracelet. Essentially, it's an “exercise” in ways in which a future smartphone could “transform” beyond current flexible screen designs.

The innovative smartphone has a flexible pOLED Full HD+ display, which can be adapted to different usage scenarios thanks to the device's flexible form factor and the special “modular design” reminiscent of the mechanism of Microsoft's famous mouse, the Arc Mouse.

When fully extended, the screen has a diagonal of 6.9 inches and the user can use the bendable model phone like a standard smartphone. However, if the user wishes, he can fold the mobile phone so that it stands alone on the desk. In this case, the diagonal of the flexible adaptive display, as it is called, is limited to 4.6 inches. In this mode, the device can act as a “remote camera” to take photos. The third use case is for the phone to bend into a bracelet shape and wrap securely around the user's wrist (noting, as you can see in the video, that in order to secure it properly, a wrist strap must be used for which a surface magnet is required). Unfortunately, the company did not announce any details about the device, so we cannot share more details.

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In terms of software, the Motorola Bendable Concept Phone is of course based on the Android operating system with Motorola adapting the device through a creative production AI model called MotoAI that “runs” natively and is optimized for the specific flexible form factor. It is an AI-powered digital assistant that can not only help the user with their daily appearance and style, but can also answer questions and messages, make appointments or keep track of scheduling notes in the calendar and protect their privacy (for example by blurring privacy content that undertakes to blur names or addresses Or texts in images before publishing them on social networks. The AI ​​text summarization feature takes it upon itself to provide summaries of longer texts or even entire conversations, while the Doc Scanner used for scanning documents and text has been optimized so that ghosting, smudges or wrinkles “disappear”.


Although this amazing Motorola device requires improvements – eg. It's still bulky and fitting on the wrist, especially if it's small, doesn't inspire confidence – we don't doubt Motorola has the skills to turn this into a viable commercial product. Regardless of whether or not this idea turns into a commercial product, it's a testament to the ways in which flexible or wrapable displays could transform our devices in the future.

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