May 18, 2024

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The new referral program for Xbox Game Pass lets you invite your PC friends to try the service – Xbox

The new referral program for Xbox Game Pass lets you invite your PC friends to try the service – Xbox

Microsoft recently launched a new referral program for Xbox Game Pass, which allows you to invite your friends to try out PC Game Pass.

This is a new feature for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and PC Game Pass members to “share their love of gaming” with their friends.

The offer allows members to invite up to five friends for a free 14-day trial of PC Game Pass. This is a great way to introduce your friends to the world of computer gaming and give them a chance to play some of the latest and greatest games available on PC.

The relevant invites are located on the main Game Pass screen and are only available to send to friends who are new to the service. This means that if your friend has never tried Game Pass before, they can take advantage of this offer and try it out for free when they can’t.

Microsoft is launching the offer as Redfall debuts on Xbox and PC, allowing Game Pass members to play a co-op vampire game with their friends. So Microsoft believes that this is a great opportunity for friends to collaborate and meet the challenges of Redfall together.

It’s important to note that if a new Game Pass friend accepts this offer, they won’t be able to use another Microsoft offer later. This includes promotion cards that come with accessories or other special offers as the Insomnia community knows best. Microsoft used to offer $1 trial offers for both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass, but these were discontinued in March as the company said it was “running various marketing promotions” for new members. This referral friend program appears to be the alternative to $1 offers.

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The offer also comes less than a month after PC Game Pass expanded to 40 new countries. Microsoft has recently focused on developing PC Game Pass after the service’s growth slowed on Xbox last year.

In an October interview, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said, “We’re seeing incredible growth on PC… On console, I’ve seen the growth slow, mostly because at some point we’ve reached everyone who wants to sign up.” Microsoft also reported last October that PC Game Pass subscriptions were up 159% year over year.

PC Game Pass includes access to all Microsoft Xbox PC games, hundreds of third-party PC games, Bethesda titles for PC, and an EA Play subscription to try new releases for up to 10 hours, among other things. Overall, it’s a great value for gamers and a great way to try out new games without having to commit to buying them right away.