June 19, 2024

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The new series from the Sandman universe has been released on Netflix

The new series from the Sandman universe has been released on Netflix

the “Dead Boy Detectives“, series of the universe”Hypnoticbased on Neil Gaiman's beloved comics, has been adapted for television by Steve Yockey and is available today, Thursday, April 25 on Netflix.

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The streaming service's official synopsis states:

Are you being haunted by an annoying ghost? Did a demon steal your core memories? Maybe you should turn to dead detectives. Meet Edwin Payne (George Rextraw) and Charles Rowland (Jaden Reverie), the “brains” and “brains” of the Dead Detective Bureau. Teenagers Edwin and Charles, who were born decades apart and only met dead, are friends, ghosts… and puzzle solvers. They will do anything to stay together – escape evil wizards, even hell and hell. With the help of a psychic named Crystal (Cassius Nelson) and her friend Nico (Yuyo Kitamura), they are able to solve some of the most mysterious paranormal cases from the human world.

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