April 18, 2024

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The New York Times has promised that US officials will visit Venezuela when Putin is isolated by the West.

Nicolas Maduro (Reuters)

He promised that senior US officials would travel to Venezuela this Saturday to meet with Nicolas Maduro’s regime. New York Times After consulting with those who are familiar with the subject.

If confirmed, travel Driven by the desire to separate Russia from its remaining Latin American allies, it will be the highest-level visit by US officials to Caracas in years.

The United States severed diplomatic ties with Maduro and closed its embassy in Caracas in 2019 after accusing the authoritarian leader of electoral fraud. The Trump administration has authorized Venezuela’s oil exports and top officials, and has recognized opposition leader Juan Quito as Venezuela’s legitimate president.

In response, Maduro sought economic and diplomatic assistance from Russia, Iran, and China. Russian energy companies and banks have been instrumental in allowing Venezuela’s largest foreign exchange earner to continue exporting oil, despite sanctions.

“Now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused the United States to pay more attention to the allies of President Vladimir V. Putin in Latin America.Washington hopes that the escalation of the conflict with Russia could turn into a security threat, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. New York Times Anonymous.

“As the Russian economy deteriorates, The United States seizes the opportunity to advance its agenda among Latin American dictatorships.He”, North American media confirms.

New York Times As the United States and its allies began to consider this month the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia’s oil and gas exports to punish the country for the catastrophe in Ukraine, key voices with two major U.S. political parties pointed to Venezuela. Possible alternative.

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Republicans have been involved in talks about resuming the oil trade, including former Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor, who works with Robert Strike, a Washington campaigner who briefly registered to represent the Maduro regime in 2020. .

“Speaking to a Venezuelan businessman on Friday night, Taylor said the Maduro team was eager to re-engage with the United States. We must use this opportunity to achieve a diplomatic victory and split between Russia and Venezuela,” he said in a statement.

Demonstrators hold banners during the anti-war protests following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on March 4, 2022 in Caracas, Venezuela. "Putin = mature.  Justice first" And "Venezuela is with Ukraine" (Reuters)
Protesters hold banners during the anti-war protests following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on March 4, 2022 in Caracas, Venezuela. Banners read “Putin = Maduro. Justice first” and “Venezuela stands with Ukraine” (Reuters)

Trish Reagan, a former Fox News editor and conservative media personality, has called for an alliance with Venezuela to expel Russian oil from the US market. “Venezuela has more oil reserves, are we giving it to the Chinese and the Russians?” He wrote on Twitter on Friday.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Maduro’s spokesmen did not respond to NYT’s requests for comment from the State Department and the National Security Council in Washington.

Francisco Monaldi, a Venezuelan energy expert at Rice University in Houston, said, “If the United States reduces imports of Russian oil, Venezuela can replace some of the lost goods.”

Maduro seems ready to discuss oil deals. “Venezuela’s oil, whether investor in Asia, Europe or the United States, is available to anyone who wants to produce and buy it,” he said in a public speech last Thursday.

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The American press also recalled Maduro and other Russian allies in Latin America have begun to distance themselves from the Russian offensive.. In fact, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba did not or did not vote for the two resolutions proposed at the United Nations this week condemning the Russian occupation.

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