May 21, 2024

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The next day in Olympiacos: the great Giardini, Hidalgo and the “crude” transfer

The next day in Olympiacos: the great Giardini, Hidalgo and the “crude” transfer

The Olympiacos men’s volleyball team has begun planning for the new season, with great Italian coach Andrea Gardini succeeding Daniele Castellani as the coach of Piraeus.

The burning issue is the issue of Salvador Hidalgo, whose contract is expiring and the new Italian coach of the red and white team will decide in the next few days whether the Cuban-German winger will stay or not.

However, Piraeus, according to reports, is considering other cases of extremism, such as 25-year-old Iranian Maysam Salehi (international player with the Iranian national team), 34-year-old former Canadian international John Gordon Perrin, and former international player John Gordon. 34-year-old Perrin. 35-year-old Argentine Facundo Conte (bronze medalist in Tokyo).

In the coming days, after the appointment of Gardini is formalized, Olympiacos will intensively “manage” its transfer planning with the immediate aim of creating a strong team at all levels with the aim of winning another championship and going as far as possible in Europe.

The Olympiacos Amateur Management, after relevant discussions with Andrea Gardini, will make all necessary decisions for the new season, always aiming to create a strong team that sweeps titles in Greece and obtains a major European distinction.

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