October 1, 2023

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The only Greek village where the people do not speak Greek

The only Greek village where the people do not speak Greek

A Greek village where no Greek is spoken? And yet, it exists!

One of its largest villages Rhodes It has its own character at all levels. From architecture to dialect and of course manners and customs.

Archangelos dominates the southern part of the island, 28 kilometers from the city of Rhodes. The village was built in the Middle Ages, not on a coastal location, so that the people would not be in danger from pirates.

Residents of Archangelos are especially faithful to traditions. Although the area has developed tourism, more and more “foreigners” visit here, and many decide to settle permanently, the locals try to maintain the character of their place.

A characteristic of the inhabitants is the unique dialect. Of course, there are many parts of Greece where if you hear two locals talking, it will be difficult to understand, but in this case we are talking about a very different language. “Archangels” known to the Rhodians.

Since they came from Cyprus, the villagers brought with them Cypriot customs and manners, the Cypriot mentality and of course the Cypriot dialect, which they preserved over the centuries and use to this day.

Not only that, but they speak the Baphitic Cypriot dialect, which is characterized by a tendency to remove vowels from words and a harsh and heavy speech.

For this reason, the original inhabitants of Archangelos may have partaken from Paphos, as they use words and manner of speaking only heard in Paphos.

It is very easy for a Cypriot to converse with ambassadors in Cyprus, and when he hears them talk he will think he is not in Rhodes, but in a village in Paphos.

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