May 30, 2023

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The Russians built the first transparent engine – watch the amazing creation

Renowned for its ingenuity, Garage 54 has once again worked its magic, building the first transparent engine, thus attempting to uncover the well-hidden secrets of the internal combustion engine.

Despite the fact that internal combustion engines have been with us for more than a century, most of us still are We ignore their basic operating principles.

For this very reason, Creators of Famous Garage 54 They tried for the umpteenth time to exhaust their ingenuity and reveal the secrets hidden inside the internal combustion engine.

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What they already tried The Russians at Garage 54 had to build a transparent engine and four-cylinder combo to be exact whose mass will not consist of aluminum or cast iron but of plexiglass.

The engine crankcase is also made of the same material, in which, as is known, the lubricating oil is “stored”. He plays multiple rolesIt not only lubricates, but also cleans and cools the important parts of the engine.

In this way, the residents of Garage 54 got an inaccessible view of the interior of the engine and its moving parts, such as crankshaft and pistons, and then they tried to somehow solve any technical problems that arose.

In this effort, of course, The “stem” of the synthetic engine had some crackswhich proved disastrous as it led to … the complete dissolution of the entire enterprise.

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Transparent engine

However, even for a few seconds, the first transparent engine proved to be fully functional, and this is a fact It gives the Russians the right to repeat their project, this time with knowledge as the source obtained in the past.

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