November 28, 2023

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The safest countries in the event of the outbreak of World War III

The safest countries in the event of the outbreak of World War III

“The boiling cauldron” is The Middle East With the international community watching anxiously in anticipation of his ground invasion Israel in Gaza strip.

His possible involvement Iran It is scary because it is not unlikely that the United States will intervene, which would initially lead to a diplomatic “explosion” and then a possible global conflict.

In all probability, World War III It will begin by invading one country and recruiting allies to support it. Then there will be intervention from other countries until the situation is derailed.

Based on the geopolitical climate at the moment, the most likely scenario is for the two sides to split. The United States of America, the European Union and NATO And the other Russia, China and North Korea And their allies.

No one knows the future, but it is certain that in the event of a generalized conflict, in… Third world Too many countries will be involved, and the citizens of most of them will not be able to escape the conflicts.

Unlike them Two previous world warsNations now have the ability to attack countries far away due to advances in warplanes and space technology.

Only a few parts of the planet will be affected in this event Third worldHowever, there are some that are considered safer. These are the following:

Fiji Islands: Warm and sandy beaches

It may sound too good to be true, but the good thing about islands in the Pacific Ocean is that they are very far from each other as well as from mainland points.

The Pacific Ocean is vast, and if you don’t mind a warm climate, a fish-based diet, and beaches, Fiji is a good, safe option for shelter.

Nearest continent to Fiji He is Australia Which is 2,735 kilometers away, while Australia is seen as a country that would have little role in a world war. Even if the war reaches Australia, Fiji is far away.

As for the islands themselves, they have a 6,000-strong army, have not been involved in any conflicts and would not be considered a threat by such a small force.

However, the most important thing is that Fiji They do not have the natural resources, such as oil, that attackers want. Beaches and fish are not what great powers want in war, so don’t “catch” them. This means that Fiji would probably not be a target in the event of a world war.

Fiji is not of strategic importance but has large food reserves and arable land. It is a group of 300 islands. So, if you’re fighting with the neighbours, it’s easy to move the boat.

The downside is that in the event of a global conflict, there will be a communications breakdown and the satellites will be destroyed by enemy fire, resulting in no way to communicate with the outside. Fiji. The update will be the same as before, as everyone will wait for whoever was in front to go to Fiji.

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If Fiji doesn’t sound perfect, there’s another island that’s safe. The reason is Tuvalu, which is located 1,050 kilometers north Fiji It is one of the smallest and most isolated countries in the world.

Tuvalu: coral reef islands

the Tuvalu It consists of nine reef islands that are 579 kilometers long and have a total area of ​​just over 26 square kilometers. It is home to about 11,000 people, and the lack of resources such as oil and natural gas makes it not automatically a target.

But it’s a difficult journey, even today. In the Tuvalu Only two airlines go, which may not serve the public in the event of a global conflict. However, there is one way to reach the group and that is by boat. As in Fiji, Tuvalu has a lot of food to offer from the ocean.

New Zealand: isolation with millions of sheep

It may be a little closer to the mainland but it is a safe place in case of a world war New Zealand. It is located 1,609 kilometers from Australia but farther south than Fiji and Tuvalu, meaning it would be further from the point where a world war could break out since it is more likely to occur in Asia, North America and Europe. .

but New Zealand It has more natural resources than any other island nation, which could make it a target for invasion. But at the same time, it is far enough away that the risk is minimal. New Zealand’s fertile soil, abundant marine resources and complex terrain make it safer, even in the event of war.

An estimated 30% of New Zealand’s area is resource-rich areas that provide…places to hide. There is another element that makes the country safe in the event of a world war: ten sheep for every inhabitant, which means wool for clothing, milk, and, in difficult cases, food.

For your information, New Zealand It is currently in the top 10 countries with the happiest citizens. Those who want an isolated, safe country full of resources and beautiful scenery, New Zealand is the best choice.

Iceland: 100% energy independence

Iceland is more than 1,000 miles away from the UK and Europe, meaning it would not be in immediate danger in the event of a global conflict. Like other island nations, the Iceland It has many marine resources while being powered by 100% renewable energy sources found within its borders.

in IcelandGeothermal energy is converted into electricity and heating, and in the event of a world war in the country there will be no need to worry about fuel, coal and other energy sources. Energy independence means Iceland can stay out of conflict, keeping those within its borders safe.

While some parts of it Iceland It is inhospitable, and fresh water and fish are plentiful. There is enough space in the country that there are eight people per square kilometre. The downside to Iceland is that it may find itself in the line of fire and fleets if moving from Europe and America, however it is considered safer than many other areas in the world.

Safe places in Europe

There are other places on the planet that are closer to conflict but may offer some safety. For those who prefer that EuropeThe safe place is Malta. However, it is believed that in the event of a global conflict he will participate, but until that moment he can be a refuge.

On an area of ​​122 square kilometers Malta Its resources are few, which means it will not be a target in a global war. There are also many forts scattered on the island that were built during the Crusades, which means there is relative safety in the event of a sea landing.

in the past Malta It has repelled numerous invasion attempts while also being a stopover for those who want to head to another safe destination, the Azores.

Website as well as resources at Azores Islands, making the place safer than the continents, in the event of a world war. They have more arable land and marine resources than other countries in Western Europe.

Chile: Potatoes are found almost everywhere

It is possible, if not certain, that the Third World will be in the Northern Hemisphere, with South America far removed from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. the Chilean It will be the safest state in the event of a collision.

Yes Puerto WilliamsIt is the southernmost city in the world, while Chile has an abundance of natural resources and is considered the most developed part of South America. The safest place in Chile in the event of war is the Andes Mountains, where communities have existed for hundreds of years. Chile is also the country closest to Antarctica, where war is considered unlikely.

The weather can be south of it Chilean It is particularly cold and storms are frequent, but access to the ocean is easy and potatoes grow almost everywhere.

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The safest place but not the best

In the event of a world war, there is perhaps no safer place than the world South Pole. You can be a scientist and…stay there so you never find yourself in the middle of a shootout, but a lack of resources and an inability to feed will cause you to run out of food.

The “armored” city state.

There is a southern country that has resources and 10% of the planet is found in plants, birds and fish. the reason South Africa There is plenty of food and fresh water, while it is far from “dangerous” areas.

the Cape town It is considered one of the safest cities in the event of a world war since its location is of no strategic importance. It is coastal, making fishing particularly easy, and it is surrounded by mountains, making it difficult for those trying to attack by land.

Frost safety

Its range green land It’s huge and it’s cold, but it counts Safer part. It is difficult to reach and difficult to get around as there are no roads connecting Greenland’s cities. The safest option is in the north, the city of Qaanaaq which lies within the Arctic Circle.

As in Antarctica, it is assumed that war will never reach Greenland. The country has little strategic importance and the only military activity one would see in the event of a world war are the flights of warplanes.

Is no one safe?

In case it breaks out World War IIIIf you are in any of the above countries you will be safe at first. However, if either side is used NuclearThe entire planet will be affected and water contaminated with radioactivity will rain down.

Nuclear weapons will fill the atmosphere with ash and the planet will enter a radioactive winter with lower temperatures because sunlight will not reach the Earth.

In the case of nuclear use, the safest place would not be on Earth but in space! So only the astronauts on the International Space Station will be safe, watching the world being destroyed, and when supplies run out, they will breathe their last.

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