April 19, 2024

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The safety mechanism stopped the direct collision of the trains

The safety mechanism stopped the direct collision of the trains

Commercial train With 25 vehicles Derailed Friday afternoon 3/22 in Arna near Bergen Norway.

It said Violated light red Signal and Derailed in Arniba Tunnel.

The driver suffered minor injuries and the vehicles overturned, but no one else was injured.

At 20.26 an emergency warning was sent about a possible gas leak as a result of the railway accident. At 10 p.m., it was reported that the danger had been overcome.

He immediately rushed to the scene Fire department To cut off power from the lines and provide first aid to anyone who needs it.

Its representatives followed him policel National Accident Investigation BoardHa National Accident Investigation Committee Which lonliness research And analysis Ha Soft light (Government agency responsible for the ownership, maintenance, operation and development of the Norwegian railway network).

«In any such case, some cleaning work will need to be done before it is safe for us to enter the areaThe committee director said Ida Hoganvik Gröndal on the site VG «We've gathered the information we need to understand the full picture of the events that led to the derailment. There is usually only one factor at play».

Norwegian Accident Investigation Board

The investigation ended on Sunday, 3/24.

As Grondal said,We know that the shunting system – one of the network's safety systems – forced the commercial train to turn to the right and “depart” from its track to avoid a possible collision with an oncoming train.».

After violating a red light Emergency warning “gone”. On all trains operating in the areaThey are forced to reduce their speed».

At the time of the commercial train derailment, there was another train in the tunnel – a train carrying 200 passengers that had left Oslo for Bergen.

If he had not been alerted to the derailment, he would have collided full speed with the derailed commercial train.

However, it stopped about a kilometer away.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire department was not aware of the presence of the passenger train in the tunnel until they saw it in front of them. They returned to the previous station, where passengers took alternative means of transportation.

From the first moment, Norwegian railway officials prevented passengers from exiting the tunnel and moving on foot.

Police spokeswoman Anja Matthiessen told… my house According to plan, the train will depart on Monday, 3/25. Then the researchers took over the task.

“The general picture of the evidence, the tachograph we obtained (which records data from the train) and the information we obtained made us begin investigation procedures and focus on two suspects.”

He is the driver of a commercial train and the employee who prepares the train before departure.

Among the complaints being made is that it would be beneficial from now on not to have one person (the engine driver) on very large commercial trains that can transport things that could endanger the lives of others.

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